30 April 2012

Midi Fighter 3D is here!

WARNING: This post contains a lot of words like awesome, fantastic and super...

Midifighter is simply an awesome product and has been one of my favorite controllers for a long time.
Produced by DJ Techtools, it's one of the simplest and probably most durable controllers out there due to it's use of japanese arcade buttons which is ultra durrable and super responsive.

Recently they launched a new product that uses motion sensors that makes you able to map the tilt and pan of the controller to a spesific function in your program. And the awesome RGB lighting of each individual button just looks fantastic!

This will be perfect for the new Traktor Remix functions, so I'm hoping they come with a mapping for Traktor 2.5 where the buttons light up like the F1 (according to the color of your sample in the bank).

Super faders?
Knowing DJ Techtools they also probably use something they called the "super fader" function which basically send multiple midi signals on one controll. Meaning that you've got one midi channel of continous controll for the controller from 0 to 90 degrees and when in 90 degrees it will activate another MIDI channel.

DJ Techtools has created this masterpiece. It's a of DJs for DJs product and I'm putting in my order as soon as my paycheck arrives!

Get it here!

27 April 2012

Ean's Beatgrid Tuning Secrets

DJ Techtools Ean Golden explain how to beatgrid your tracks.
It's like laundry. Do it every day and it gets done. Do it rarely and it's a hell of an undertaking.

What's explained in the video is the best way to do this, but when you're playing a gig you can do it then and there.
When you're playing a gig the sync type is sat to Temposync.
If you see in the video when Ean goes off beat the phase meter above shows the offbeat. But when you've got a track that is not beatgridded properly it will show off beat when you've got it in sync. When it's all matched up in your ears you can use the move grid to move it untill your phasemeter is correct.
Good luck!

24 April 2012

Traktor Pro 2 Guide - Preferences walkthrough

DJ Endo is a sertified Traktor-wiz!
Check out these videos for learning the fairly vast amount of preferences in Traktor! Pretty important to know your system. I learned alot of things I didn't know. Enjoy...

Part 1: Audio Setup + Timecode Configuration

Part 2: Loading and Transport Settings

Part 3: How To Customize Screen Layouts

Part 4: Effects, Recording, Loop Recorder, File Management

21 April 2012

Introducing DJTT Maps: The Ultimate MIDI Mapping Database for DJs

This is an awesome new resource!

They've taken everything from software development, social media and forum and created this fantastic tool!

Go to the page now and get started.

Love it!

16 April 2012

TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 - Controllerism with Moldover

So I took a look at this and it's not even close to what I would do my self on a gig and I guess the lot of you feel the same way. I wish Native Instruments would come out with a more direct example of how to use this practically in a club... Cause this is pretty narrow.

So I thought I'd just mention some things that you CAN do with these puppies even if you're not a musical genious like Moldover or as skilled DJ Shiftee.
  1. Put different high hats in one bank, congas in one, drum rolls in one and “take off” effects in one and play them as loops and one shot samples to elevate the dynamics of your mix.
  2. Put different vocal loops, raps, shout outs, name drops and so on into the different banks to fill up the blanks that are in some tracks of to fill up the space when mixing beat to beat on two tracks.
  3. For those of you who use key mixing. Get different cords in the Camelot scale (Eg. 1A = A Flat Minor) 24 in total and distribute them on the pads over a couple of banks. Use it to check if your Keying software got it right.
The F-1 gives you the power to really elevate your mix and through more tools into your DJ toolbox.
A must buy for any DJ that isn’t bound to the A4 DJ format.
If you are however as good as Shiftee or Moldover… There isn’t any software and controller on the market that combines the trait of turntablist and controllerist better.
Happy hunting!

11 April 2012

Most complicated Traktor controller

Normaly DJing require some skill, but to use this controller you need far more then DJ skills to spinn the music. Simply awesome! Might be a bit hard to bring this to the club to do a set though.
Goes to show how creativity and music loves to meet. Enjoy!