30 June 2011

The ultimate setup

Why use turntables?
Because it's the best transport controll EVER and looks awesome!

Why use controller?
Because it enables you to think out of the box and do amazing things with your tracks and samples.

Yes! This is what I've been preaching! DJ Techtools hits the nail on the head and state the obvious.
Native Instruments Kontrol S4 is the ULTIMATE DVS mixer!

This is what I have been talking about for some time now and what I've refered to as: Best of both worlds. Combining controllerism and turntablism into a very versitile system. The problem earlier with MIDI is that it just isn't quick enough to use for instance for crossfader cutting, but the S4 is using HID which is WAAAAY faster.

In my eyes. This is the ultimate setup!

Now I would just like to get the full HID mapping available so that I can mess with it or that DJ Techtools makes their own mapping soon.
Oh... and DJ Techtools is running a special on this setup if you'd like to get started today. :)

Just remember that you can also run audio directly through Traktor when using these kinds of setups. 

28 June 2011

Create your very own wireless MIDI controller for Traktor

This awesome video gave me a great idea! It simply shows how you can easily create your very own wireless MIDI controller! Get on the dancefloor and join the crowd... still connected to you trusted Traktor. :) Don't need it to spin, but that is a pretty cool visual effect.

First off the sending of Midi is done by M-audio MidAir.

Get a pad controller like this Korg Midi Pad

Now for the only DIY part:

  1. Get a 9 volt battery box (Optional)
  2. Find a connector that fits a 9 volt battery (Often found in the small roof mounted fire alarms, but don't steal one that is currently working.)
  3. Find a connector that fits the poweradaptor for the Korg padKONTROL (You could use the power adapter that came with the product)
  4. Cut cables and solder the correct poles of the battery to fit the power plug. (The marked one is often the + pole)
Now simply install the remote MIDI unit to your computer and connect the system. Do your mapping and enjoy!

27 June 2011

Controllerism on steroids!

Controllerism.com is the home of the everything you might imagine in the controllerist domain. From DJing to the more elaborate musician setups. This can be a very nice place to go to get some inspiration for enhance you performance and incorporating more innovating gadgets to either simplify or create a more visual representation of what you do. I believe that a DJ in motion is crucial for a good performance. Even in smaller clubs.

They’re launching a controllerist competition which I’m looking forward to see some performances from. If you’re located on the US west coast you should take time to visit this and get some ideas of yourself.

More info at controllerism.com

23 June 2011

DIY Controllers is so cool!

The sky is the limit!! (This is probably for Ableton though)
The guys at DJTT wrote an article last week about the components that can be used and listed pros and cons each one. You should read it. CLICK HERE

Traktor is great for mapping LEDs aswell as buttons!
Just yesterday they listed some cool DIY controllers that are out there.
Traktor is like made for this and no other DJ software can compete when it comes to MIDI mapping and creating your own ways of working with music.

Read more about these cool controllers.

20 June 2011

Issues with Timecode

I got a call from a friend who had some trouble with Traktor Pro 2 and CD timecode. He had no trouble with Vinyl, but once he used CD there was some problems with the Timecode. The symptomes was that transport mode changed from relative to internal playback.

The reason to this was very simple, but took some time to figure out. After trying to calibrate the decks and getting: Unkown medium I figured that it had something to do with the signal. The soundcard input was sat to Phono and the line signal from the CD players resulted in a way to high signal on the input channels.

Solution: Change the input type to Line instead of Phono.

09 June 2011

One Idea: Music Video 1,2,3

First off:
I know that this is a Traktor Blog, so music video mixing isn't very relevant, but I guess this is a nudge in the direction that DJing with music videos is getting closer and maybe Traktor will be able to do so in the future. If you want to mix videos today, the way to go is probably with Serato or Virtual DJ.

I did a post about video mixing and Traktor earlier which you can read here...

The guys that gave us Mixed in Key and Platinum Notes has created a tool for creating music videos in a flash. It's still in BETA, but it allready works perfectly! I've tried it and it was REALLY simple and the results where very nice.
This will, from my perspective, be the way to go if I some time in the future Traktor will support video.

More info here...

08 June 2011

Time to update! Traktor 2.0.2

New software update is released for download!
Go to the service centre and update your software or Download it here

What's new?
Traktor Scratch Pro/Duo 2:
  • Improved performance when scratching with timecode
  • Smoothing of BPM display when using timecode
Traktor Duo 2
  • Alternate font selection enabled
Traktor LE 2
  • Pitchfaders enabled

06 June 2011

James Zabiela - What's In Your DJ Bag?

I love these DJ Techtools videos where a DJ shows us their dirty secrets and reveille what's in their bag.
Check out the post @ DJTT

James Zabiela is a Tech House DJ from Southhampton UK.
He's a reference for Pioneer and even helped them develop the CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900. He's a really technical advanced DJ with a lot of tricks up his sleeve, so looking behind the scenes might give you some tips to evolve. :)

Visit his website

External effects in Traktor

I just noticed an article at Digital DJ Tips about external effects for Traktor. DDT always gives great answers as they did in this post aswell, but I would like to elaborate though.

Question: Can I use other effects then the ones installed in Traktor when DJ with Traktor?
Answer: It's a bit more complicated then it should be and you're not able to add any effects to the default effects list, but you can route your sound so that you will be able to use external effects pr. channel.

Why haven't NI made VST support for Traktor yet?
What we really want is an option to add VST plugins into the effects library.
They had VST support earlier on, but I guess they removed it. :(
 I recon this has something to do with performance and alot of external factors running into the Traktor environment making it unstable. Nobody want that right?
I've used Virtual DJ with VST plugins (on earlier versions) and there was alot of issues surrounding this, so I don't blame Native Instruments for simply sticking to the best ever standard effects pack for a DJ software ever produced. Love that they are making new additions to it and further expanding it.

How can I use external effects with Traktor? :)
By using the SEND option on the effects parameter instead of INSERT you can route any signal through an effects send option making it possible to add external effect units or route it through an internal VST effect chain. Watch out for latency issues through. :)

Hopefully this video from the DJ Podcast will elaborate and get your ideas flowing. Recommend going to their site to watch a WAY better version of this video:  Visit the video website here

01 June 2011

Stanton SCS.4DJ gets Engadget excited

The super duper large digital magazine Engadget commented on Stantons SCS.4DJ! I mentioned this controller some time ago and I believe it's a very good concept that I hope Native Instruments also explore closer. :)

According to Engadget, the unit is at sale on Best Buy this month for a price of $500.

Read what Engadget thinks of it