30 May 2011

New cool skins for Traktor Kontrol S4

12InchSkins.com has released alot of cool skins for Traktor Kontroll S4 like the floresent one shown above.
There are alot of other nice standardised skins available aswell as an option to create your very own design!
You can download an Illustrator or Photoshop template with embeded instructions on how to kreate your design. Smart and simple!
Prices aren't that bad either and they ship world wide.

The new skins are fairly easy to apply and the (rather long) instruction video below shows you how to do it.

Be different! Get creative!

29 May 2011

Dub FX S4 session Walkthrough

This video explain how Dub FX did his freestyle session on Traktor S4.

27 May 2011

Torq® 2.0 Tutorials - Traq Morph

Torq 2.0 is released and frankly I'm not impressed by the new features.
Can anybody tell me why some companies are using amateurs to showcase their software?

The video down below is a preview of the new (PATENT PENDING) Traq Morph mix effect from Torq. It simply sounds awefull. The only thing that actually might be cool to have is the filter option. A tip to all Traktor users: You can do this by some midi remapping allready, so don't go getting Torq quite yet. :)

One final comment about the video:
If your showing of a DJ software you might want to ATLEAST keep the tracks matched rhytmically. Listen to the final example. Awesome beatmixing skills! Three thumbs up.

23 May 2011

DJ Techtools launch new store

The new store is pretty well directed to the different types of DJs out there. Segmented into Bedroom DJ, Club DJ, Touring DJ, Turntablist and Controllerist. Pretty neat profiling.
There are some small bugs with the image maps where you point the courser over the purple boxes next to the gear and get unit name and price, but that's probably fixed pretty soon.

20 May 2011

Introducing the Midi Fighter Pro Controllers

Heavy duty and very precise unit that has one of the best features on the market: Super faders and Super combos.
It's got loads of space between the controllers, but I'm not very impressed by the box it comes in. It's a bit dull, so I'm hoping they can upgrade that soon... If not I might have to dismatle it and do some amendments on my own. The standard Midifighter looks way better, so I'm probably gonna wait just a bit longer before ordering one so they can get some to do some changes to the design or give us more options for the casing. Maybe they'll create an option for us to create a decal to put over it like the overlays for VCI-100 that they made. That would be awesome!

Read more here...

18 May 2011

Optimize Your Windows PC for Traktor

Check out these two videoes to optimize your computer DJing from DubSpot.
It's important to always have a healthy computer.
  • Use a antivirus, but turn it off before you play.
  • Always update.
  • Buying your music and software always keep you safe and gives you the best quality.

Part 1

Part 2

Thanks Jay for the tip!


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