Software guide

Though Traktor is the best tool on the market for making an awsome DJ performance there are some additional supporting software you might want to get into for getting that little edge. This guide will provide you with a couple of choices that might improve your game.

The heart of harmonic mixing. Use this to recognize the key of the Track. There are some tools on the market that does the same, but Mixed in Key stands out as the best.

Platinum notes will improve the sound of a track and might help you to get more fluid sounding sets or the software can be used to improve the quality and sound of a DJ set as a post production tool. The software is developed by the same guys that make Mixed in Key, so you can get a bundle on these two.

Ableton is a great tool and one of it's coolest features is warping. Warping can be used to fix tracks that are not recorded on click. See how in this video.

Track management
Traktor has a good Traktor integration and this can easily be the best place to manage your music for Traktor. Atleast for the ones of you who use Macs.

Winamp has alot of cool features like audio recognition and tag editing.

Tag & Rename
Gets your collections in order, get full info on your tracks and import cover art from amazon+++.
Great for editing multiple tracks at once.

Traktor Addons:
Traktor Tools,
Advance playlist editor,
Rapid Evolution 2,
Twitter DJ,
Traktor Pro Launcher,
TSI-view & Print

Info will be updated. ;)