31 December 2010

Year summary

This year there has been alot of stuff going on for Digital DJs. The controller trend has been booming this year with alot of focus on four deck controllers and together with the release of Kontrol S4 the scene has moved more towards making more out of you performance.
Serato released The Bridge and introduced alot of products for Itch which is also a sign that controllerism is on an upwards trend.

The percentage among the DJs I know that has moved from cd to digital has increased from about 70 to about 80 percent.

I started focusing on my blog in September this year though I did some blog posts at the start of the year.
This blog is mainly about Traktor. My goal is to blog about digital DJing and Traktor every other day or once a day.

I realy like the trend of visitors to my blog and I hope you'll be visiting it in 2011 aswell.
Number of hits from May to December


30 December 2010

Fixing Kontrol S4 high CPU-usage problem

Yes! Earlier I've posted that Traktor Kontrol S4 had some unusual high CPU requirements. The solution that Jaycobson figured out was to use the NI Audio 8 DJ as a soundcard. That reduced the CPU load quite a bit. Now that I've bought a new computer, this wasn't an issue since my new computer has an I7 processor, but I still thought that is used alot of processing power never the less.
I thought that the problem was my former computer, but it seems that the problem was a driver problem with the integrated soundcard!

Click here to read how to fix it.

It was however a great excuse to buy a new computer! Merry X-mas to myself. Posting the stats of my new computer as soon as I get some more time in front of the computer.

26 December 2010

New info from DJ Techtools on Midifighter

I love when they do these types of videoes. Some cool features and alot of nice examples on how to use the controller.
This time they've got a upgrade for the firmware and added some cool features. Check it out!

25 December 2010

Traktor Pro Presentation

In lack of something interresting to write about.... :)

24 December 2010

Merry X-mas

Have an extreemly wonderfull Christmas!

Two channel mixers

DJ Techtools has done an article about two channel mixers.
For those of you who use two channels and timecode, the mixer is at the heart of your performance. So selecting the right one is important. Picking the right one is pretty important.
Personaly I like the Pioneer mixers, but that's probably what's been served to me in clubs over the years. It's a preference thing really.

Shopping for mixers:
I recommend that you go to your local DJ store and try some out. Take notice in the feel of the faders and knobs. Ask them to connect it so you can try the faders and do a couple of mixes (You can do it in the headset if you don't want to do a preformance in the store. Set your monitor from cue to master.)

23 December 2010

Building a mix

DJ Techtools did a nice article about how to build a mix, or set if you like. An informative article that look to parallells between a mix/set and a feature film. This also actually reffer to the construction of a single track.
In this example it all boils down to the example of a three-act paradigm:

I think this was a good way to attack the concept on how to build a mix/set. I've seen alot of DJ's playing sets without having a "story". Just the same type of tracks all night long. I really like the lines they draw to movies in this article where you have plots, highs and lows. This is also the key to creating a dynamic mix / set.
Your sets should be a journey through music... Not just a cheep ride with an old uncle.

21 December 2010

Emergency DJ equipment: Ipod...

I didn't get enough time to do my Youtube-segment yesterday, so it's here one day later.

What to do when your Traktor fails? (Which it almost never does)
If you are so unlucky that your computer or Mac bugs out on you durring a gig you can always just put on a random mix from an MP3 player, but what if you could do more? What if you instantly could have a great tool as a back up?

The positive side of this idea is that you can keep the set going in the same direction and not be confined to a pre arranged playlist or mix.

I think this might be a bit too "complicated" solution to the problame and from my perspective there probably is a better backup plan:

I would probably recommend bringing along a couple of CD or vinyl and use them to mix with the gear that is normaly used in the club. They probably have some CD players or Vinyl, but that's changing now that they are also getting more and more digital.
PS: Make sure to bring along what ever format is supported.

My backup is normaly a CD with two or three mixes within the genres I perform and they can be played continously, so I can go from R'n'B to House or from House to R'n'B in my mixes. The total length is about an hour and that gives me more then enough time to get my Traktor back up and running.

Read more and the full reviews here...

20 December 2010

Traktor wins yet a new award!

DJ product of the year goes to Traktor Kontrol S4!
As expected...

As a controller, it’s both comprehensive and intuitive, enabling you to play a whole set without touching your mouse.

Read more here...

19 December 2010

DJ Techtools Soundpackage

DJ Techtools share quite a nice collection of samples made ready for Traktor.
They've gathered some samples and made tracks with hotcues 1-8 that you can use to transform your DJ set from mixing to a live performance. Check it out!

Read more here...

18 December 2010

Got the UDG bag!!

I got the UDG bag from my wife for my birthday.

I used an old backpack before, so this new bag does make me a little more proud moving from my car to the venue.

I got room for my computer (small seperate bag for that included), controll vinyl, soundcard, cables and a controller.
Summed up: Just what I want and in fantastic quality!

I'll make a video later on.

17 December 2010

Happy Birthday to... ME!!!

Yeah! It's my Birthday!
Congratulations are welcome here! :)
Just passed 2000 hits for Descember, so hopefully you are up for the challenge of giving me a holla.

Also: With just one week to go, DJ Techtools have made their own las minute list of xmas gift tips for Digital DJs.

Digital DJ Tips' xmas list
My xmas list 1
My xmas list 2

15 December 2010

Rumor: Reloop Mission III

BPM 2010 in Birmingham UK was a major event this year. Alot of cool controllers where shown for the first time and we got to preview the Reloop Mixage, though in a non functioning version.
Digital DJ Tips noticed an exciting teaser on their webpage and I'm happy to inform that it looks like the heat is on for NAMM in Los Angeles 13.november 2011! Yeah! Hopefully the manufacturers didn't go all out on BPM 2010, so we will see a new build up of rumors and previews before this event. I'm excited to see if there's a new hardware rush in January! NAMM dissapointed last year when it came to Traktor, so let's hope they put out this time. :)

What I read out of the picture:
  • Traktor Certified
  • Two channel controller (might be four)
  • VU-meter on the channels
  • 3 EQ knobs + Filter
  • on/off button for the filter on top of channel line.
  • Effect section with four 360 rotary encoders.
  • Four Hotcue buttons
  • Loop section with two push buttons + two 360 encoders.
  • Beatjump section with two rotary and two push buttons??
  • Alot of buttons beneath the pitch fader. Might be for Key, Master, Sync, Scratch controls...
More from DigitalDJTips.com

Traktor Kontrol X1 + Serato = True??

Just last week DJ Techtools reported about Rane opening up their drivers for PC and making is possible to use their products with Traktor and other audio software.
Now Traktor Kontrol X1 is shown in a video paired up with Serato. For those of you who don't know this: It's just standard MIDI. No big news really. I just like the video with two Seratoheads mashing it out on the X1 controller. Yes... It's alot of noise put together pretty tightly, so it's a nice treat for you turntablists.
Just remember that X1 works even better with Traktor and Traktor has a better DVS. I'm just saying. ;)

Thanks Blaze

14 December 2010

Limited Edition Fluorescent Control Vinyl!!

Not much to say really except: YEEES! THEY'RE BACK!. I've seen some records that glow in the dark and I now know what I'm getting all my friends for Christmas. Atleast the ones that have Traktor... Or Serato! :)
I guess you need some blacklight for this to work but the UV filter on any movinghead/scanner should do the trick.
They come in Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Blue and Fluorescent Orange.

A DJs Christmas list

Okay, so I started on some xmas list a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't get any time to follow up. And then digitaldjtips.com did one: 16 Christmas Stocking Fillers for Digital DJs.
Thanks alot!

Some addition that I want:
This is the coolest midi controller on the market. Get this controller is as simple as it is genious and has, according to DJ Techtools, the push buttons on the market. It just looks fantastic and you can customize your own controller and have DJ Techtools build it or get a DIY-kit for some afternoon soldering. Love it.

Vestax Pad-One

 This nice little pad and touchpad is a pretty close thing to Korg's Nanopad. Using a pad for controlling effects is pretty efficient since you can control three parameters with one click. X-axis, Y-axis and on/off.
The pads can give som extra buttons to mash when you are juggeling hotcues. Or use it to mash some rhytems in some sample software.

Which takes me to my next post on the wish list:
Roland Handsonic 10 or 15

Mashing some rythems on your own and using them as loops is probably the best surprise that Traktor S4 gave us. Recording loops and adding different elements and layering them on is an amazing tool for those of you want to create some extra in addition to mixing tracks.
There are alot of nice tools out there but for me the Handsonic series from Roland stands out. Get it now and get the coolest percusion on the block.

M-Audio SP-1

Foot pedals can be a nice addition when your hands are bussy with something else. The Traktor Kontrol S4 is equiped (probably thanks to Ean) with a foot switch. This is used as default to start recording loops. Will be a nice addition to the previous item on the list.

Akai MPK mini
Adding beats is "easy". Adding melody lines can be a bit more challenging and you probably need some background in playing on keyboard or piano to add something extra. Use some synth software and record basslines, hits, stabs or other melodic lines to take performance to the highest level.
Or just use this compact controller for controlling purposes like Ean Golden do with his Oxygen 8.
Keep in mind that the knobs on this one isn't very good, so you might want to get an extra set of rotary knobs aswell. :)

Contact DJ Techtools and you might get some just for this controller. Here's the buttons for the VCI-100.

13 December 2010

USB issue: Not enough power

I've experienced this once on a mac, but never on a PC... :)

From DJ Techtools

The reason is simple and stated in the error message: Your hardware simply deliver enough juice to your MIDI devices.
As the MIDI devices use alot of power these days, with LED lights flashing all over the place, you probably will experience this in the future aswell. DJ Techtools has written an article that's all about MIDI (They do make really good articles). The latest one is explaining this very issue and what to do to fix this problem.

Four decks in Traktor

It's monday and Youtube time again.
There are alot of four deck controllers in sale now and the argument to look elsewhere is: What do I need four decks for?? I was looking to show you a good example on using four decks.
Came across this video which is pretty old, but for those of you who haven't seen it, get ready to be amazed.
This must be a goal for any DJ.

This guy (DJ B33son) won the DJ contest that DJ Techtools had some time ago with this entry.
Also... The comments... Hehehe...

11 December 2010

High S4 system requirements

I love the S4 and I have tried it out quite alot... at home, cause I can't use at live gigs.
Reason: My computer isn't up to par.

After installing Traktor Kontrol S4 on my "DJ-computer" I was sad to see that the processor meter peeked most of the time. My computer is three years old and has a 1,6 GHz which is more then enought to run Traktor Pro, but unfortunately not S4. Jaycobson just got his S4 this week and tried it on his computer yesterday. He's got a 2,0 GHz DualCore Processor and did experience the same symptoms... However, when he connected his Audio 8 DJ and ran the audio through that it worked okay. It got about a 50% load, but no peeks.
I tried the S4 software on my stationary and work computer and the software didn't peek there either. Both computers are pretty high performance.

So... I'm looking at a new computer.


Windows® XP (latest Service Pack, 32 Bit), Vista®/Windows 7® (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Pentium®/Athlon® XP 1.8 GHz OR Core™2/AMD Athlon™ X2, 2 GB RAM

Mac OS X® 10.5 or higher, Intel® Core™Duo 1.66 GHz, 2 GB RAM

USB 2.0 port, DVD drive, 6 GB free disk space for complete installation

10 December 2010

Rane + Traktor = True?

Rane is married to Serato. They have been living together for about five years now. Though Serato has had an affair with Numark, they are still happily married. But now there is something happening that might indicate that Rane is looking elsewhere for happiness...

Dj TechTools has learned that there are brand new ASIO and Core Audio drivers that allow any software to use Rane 68 mixers and SL3 boxes as multi-channel sound cards.

Alright!! But WHY???!
In worst case scenario. Your at a gig and you didn't bring a sound card you can actually get the Rane ASIO drivers, but only for PC. (Sorry Mac users...) But the drivers are in BETA, so you might want to get someone on the road to get that NI Audio X DJ soundcard ASAP.

Let's be honest. I've tried Serato and Rane TTM 57SL and I wasn't impressed about the control functions, but the quality of the Rane mixer was very nice. Let's hope they will be looking at Traktor in the future and hopefully Traktor will give some love back. :)


09 December 2010

Rebirth on Ipad

The classic sequencer from Propellerhead is back and this time on Ipad!
Now you can play around with Roland TR-808, TR-909 and TB-303 when ever, where ever. Create some cool retro tunes on the go...

ReBirth faithfully emulates dance music's three backbone devices: The Roland TB-303 Bass synth and the Roland TR-808 and 909 drum machines. Combine these with FX units, fully featured pattern sequencers and a gorgeous-looking interface and you're ready to make killer tracks on your iPad. Share your music with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more using the built in sharing features.

Read more here: http://retronyms.com/

08 December 2010

Xmas Wishlist Part 1: UDG

I often have problems creating a wishlist for x-mas. But not this year. There are so many products out there that I need and want, so I want to share it with you. So now you can look at my list and add some of the items to your own.
UDG mainly makes bags and accessories for DJs and is known for it's high quality products.
This year there are two products that catches my eye.

UDG Headphone Bag

A nice little soft-shell carrying case for your headset.
Real nice for protecting your headphones. Can also probably fit your MIDI and audio cables.
Price: about €20

UDG Traktor Bag
All your digital DJ equipment like your laptop, vinyl records, hardware such as AUDIO 8 DJ or TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 in one versatile bag!
Price: About €79

07 December 2010

Novation Dicer accessories

Novation Dicer is a pretty neet little gadget for those of you who use timecode vinyl for controlling Traktor. DJ Techtools recently reliesed a mapping for Traktor. Novation just made a clam-shell case for it so that you can bring them along in style. Love it!

Retail price is about $15 USD.

06 December 2010

Native Instruments Traktor @ Gitar Centre in Brooklyn, NY

It's monday again and here's what I cool stuff I found on Youtube last week.
Native Instruments did a show at Gitar Centre with some of it's profile DJs on Traktor.
DJ Shiftee does a pretty cool routine, DJ Craze does an awesome routine and some guy called DJ Dynamix does an okay routine on the S4.

A short summary:

DJ CRAZEs routine: Timecode Vinyl, Standard mixer, Traktor Kontrol X1

DJ SHIFTEEs routine: Timecode Vinyl, Standard mixer, Traktor Kontrol X1, Native Instruments Maschine

DJ DYNAMIXs routine:

Traktor Kontrol S4

05 December 2010

Single deck controllers

One of the reviewed controllers
This is a review I've been waiting on for a couple of weeks.
DigitalDJTips.com has released a very nice review (that they are probably currently expanding) where they take a look at single deck midi controllers.

I think it's a very good review and I like the way they comment every controller with the manufacurers comments and what they think. Very nice Phil! Great work on the reviews and just so you know: I concur. :)

They also did a similar review earlier on standard midi controllers (two decks and a mixer). If you are looking for a controller with mixer and deck controls for two or four track systems or if you are just interrested in what's happening on the controller market at the moment, you should take a look.

Single Jogwheel DJ Midi Controller Review
DJ Midi Controllers: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2011

04 December 2010

Going digital

Have you gone digital yet?? The toughest thing about going digital is digitalizing your music collection. Ripping music from CD and Vinyl is a timeconsuming and insainly boaring job, but it's a good way to run through all of your tracks and descide wether or not to import them.

Ripping from CD:
A pretty easy job if you have the right tools.
The biggest tast is to name your Tracks. Using EasyCDDA it's a blast. If you have been good with TrackID your tracks on burned CDs or if you are ripping directly from an excisting studioalbum the system will fill this out for you!

Ripping from Vinyl:
This is a more painstaking job, but DigitalDJTips.com just released a pretty good guide.
Read it here

03 December 2010

Show some love

It's time to man up and have an opinion again!

Giving your voice into some rather boring surveys will give you a chance to make the DJ business move forward in your direction. It's kind of a democracy and the only way to have your influence is to have your say at these polls. So go vote for Traktor to make other people understand that there really just is one DVS system worth wild

PS: I do like some competition in the market just for keeping them on their toes and prices down. I just don't want to come to a club with another Serato setup... :)

02 December 2010

Traktor Kontrol S4 top plate

Got a loose top plate on your S4?? No problem! Here's how you fix it.

01 December 2010

KRK launch Headphones

KRK has been making monitors for 25 years and I use them myself for DJing. Using studio monitor for DJing really gives away all your errors and is a great way to find flaws in your mixing techniques.
For a studio monitor manufacturer to launch a headsphones series is a good sign when it comes to the quality of the product. They are expected to keep their headphones as high end as their monitors and for KRK that's saying alot.

KRK KNS-8400

The headphones come in two models: KNS 8400 and KNS 64000.
The main difference is that the 8400s has a slightly wider frequency range of 5Hz-23kHz vs 10Hz-22kHz(Pioneer HDC-2000 however has 5Hz-30kHz).
The 8400 also have a slightly more effective element, a premium Letherette finish vs. a regular and a built-in volum control that the 6400s don't have.
The major difference in my opinion is that the 8400 has memory foam instead of cellular foam isolation. This makes the 8400s have an ambient reduction of 30 dbA versus 24 dbA for the 6400 model. You do want your headphones to be as isolating as possible, cause then you can have a slightly lower volume while performring.

KRK has got the headphones endoced by alot of well known producers. Among them is Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins who has produced tracks for artists like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé, Ashanti, Ciera, Britney Spears... You get the picture.

The KRS-6400 lacks memory foam, but is priced at only $99, so if you just want some headphones for home use. They should be pretty sufficient.
The specs of the KRS-8400 don't match up to Pioneers HDJ-2000, but at a pricepoint of $150 it's a pretty good deal. Pioneer HDJ-2000 is priced at $250. I would recomend checking these puppies out next time you are shopping for headphones. :)