23 September 2011

Some details on the Traktor Pro 2.1.1 Release

The 2.1.1 is now available for download and has been running as beta for some time now. There are a bunch of upgrades that I've listen in the previous posting, but I would like to take time to talk about some of the new features.

Open the Native Instruments Control Center or go to http://www.native-instruments.com/updates and download the update.

• Support for multi-core processors
This is a MAJOR upgrade that might be under appreciated by alot of users. This means that you will be able to take full advantage of parallel processing power from today’s mobile processors. It will reduce the load on your CPU and it will enable some of the older computers that are having trouble with running Traktor Pro 2 to actually pull it off. This is a huge task engineering wise, so congrats on the upgrade NI!

• Automatic calibration jog wheel controls for S2 and S4
I actually needed to calibrate the jogs on my S4 last week. The process wasn’t all that hard, but auto calibration is probably even easier.

• Option for additional audio headroom in the mixer
This will in my case cause some reduction in noise, since I’m playing at about -5 dB to not peek out and for you guys who hasn’t thought about the system peeking; this will probably make your sets sound better and remove some of you peeking distortion.

• Option to disable the auto-save sample
Ah! Yes. My collection is being bombarded with loops and samples.

• "Jump size" indicator on mouse-over in the stripe
This isn’t new in itself, but will probably now take into account the beat jump quantization.

• Improved Setup Wizard
Don’t use it, but probably nice to have for the newcomers.

Other bug fixes:
• Speed​​-fader in the GUI of pace-decoupled Bends
• Pitch Bend correct behavior when you are stopped deck
• Cueing CD Timecode accuracy improved
• Core Audio sample rate matching corrected

Traktor Pro 2 update 2.1.1

  • Support for TRAKTOR KONTROL S2
  • Support for Multi-Core processors
  • Keylock, FX Enable and Headphone Cueing per Sample Slot
  • Automatic Jogwheel Calibration for S4 and S2 Jogwheels
  • ID3 v2.3 compatibility
  • Improved display of Waveform
  • Improved cueing accuracy of CD timecode
  • Improved Phase Meter readability
  • Added optional Mixer Headroom
  • Improved Main Level Meter
  • Improved Setup Wizard
  • Added option for disabling Sample Auto-Save
  • Showing jump size when hovering over stripe
  • Fixed Pitch Bend behavior on stopped deck
  • Decoupled Tempo Fader on GUI from Scratch or Tempo Bend on hardware controllers
  • Added new control "Jog Turn" which replaces "Jog Scratch + Tempo Bend"
  • Fixed TRAKTOR sample rate matching Core Audio sample rate on Mac
  • Added S2 hardware controls for Filter, FX Assign for Sample Decks, Snap, Quant
  • Added S2 User Mapping

09 September 2011

New sampler functions in next Traktor Pro 2 release

I was looking at the video in which Ean Golden explain his S2 demo video and noticed that he had on the sampler decks some new buttons which I can't find in my newly updated Traktor version (2.0.3).

On each sampler there is a Key, FX and Cue button. The play button is also changed to show what type of sample it is... In this case one shot.
Since Ean now is a NI insider I guess he's got the newest beta relese available and is working on that platform aswell. Either that or I've missed something! :(

Secrets of Ean Golden's "Breaking the Silence" S2 demo

Ean Golden shares his secrets for the NI Kontrol S2 demo video! :)

Now this is probably the best demo I've heard from Ean and I really enjoyed the cool features that they've done. He is extreemly good at using controllers in a different way to create awesome results.

A more in depth article on the topic is also available at DJ TECHTOOLS . COM

02 September 2011

New Pioneer controller for Traktor

Pioneer Pro delivers has for a long time been the standard for CD-DJing for about 15 years after taking the lead on Denon in the late 90s. I believe they are one of the best hardware produces on the market and their latest teaser video of a new product shows a whole new approach to their designs. The minimalistic design with smooth lines is looking pretty great and I like the angled stand that makes the buttons more accessible.

It’s most definitely a two channel controller made for Traktor Pro 2 with possible option for C & D deck control. This places it in the same class as the Native Instruments Kontrol S2, but has a couple more bells and whistles.

A small variation on the layout is done where they’ve created a uniform layout of the player section. Meaning that all the controls are similar on both sides, like if they were separate units. This makes the pitch fader on the left deck dangerously close to the volume fader on the mixer section. I don’t know if I like it, but it might give some of the hard core Pioneer junkies a familiar starting point.

It’s got a 4 button sample section, a 4 button hot cue setup, full effect unit and loop functions for each deck.
New function:
I noticed a button called Pulse Mode, which is a Shift function on the Vinyl/CDJ toggle for the jog wheel. Is that a new function for the jog wheel? We can only speculate.
The Decks:
I drew this in Paint!
  1. Jog Wheel
  2. Play/Pause
  3. Cue
  4. (Ooops) 
  5. Shift button
  6. Tempo controll
  7. Hotcues
  8. Sampler
  9. Effects
  10. Loop controll
  11. Vinyl/CDJ
  12. Sync/Master
  13. Effect unit select
  14. ???
  15. Deck A/C B/D toggle????

Read some more about it at Digital DJ Tips

DJ Techtools getting a new design

DJ Techtools is down for the moment while upgrading their design.
I noticed Ean was hiering on Linked In just recently, so I guess they're expanding.
Looking forward to it!

Scratch Live VS Traktor Scratch

I might be bias in this debate, but I have to comment on what DJ Techtools wrote on the topic. The latest article is very politically correct, in the fact that it’s not appointing any winner, but it’s clear that in total it all seems to leans towards Native Instruments. When it comes to Audio Interface, MIDI and Effects Traktor clearly takes the win.
Even through, as the article says in the summary, it all comes down to what you prefer and DJs that has taken a liking to either Traktor or Serato seldom switch sides. It’s important to take in to account the newbies that want to start digital DJing and that’s when it’s really important to point out the best choice and take in to account what sets the two worlds apart.
Serato Scratch Live takes some points home when it comes to the customization of the interface with several different views of transport controls, some cool media library options, the fact that one can mix video and the interface option with two interchangeable USB connections.
If you wanna mix videos you also might want to take a look at Virtual DJ. Just remember that VJs are restricted to only play music videos.
I would like to boil it down to this:
In case you want a DJ setup that is as similar to a standard CD or Vinyl setup without any bells and whistles (Read BORING), then either way is a good way to go.
If you want to expand your performance (maybe in the future?) and want the system that gives you both a full DVS and an option to go fully digital with a dedicated controller; Traktor is the way to go.
Traktor has it all in one package and Serato has split the two platforms into two softwares; Scratch and Itch.