10 December 2016

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02 December 2016

How Baby Pineapple Salad With Toasted Pecans

How to Prepare Baby Pineapple Salad

You need:.
Pineapple would be a very good idea

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Approach:. . Cut pineapple 3/4 from top Preheat oven to 425 F.
In a small bowl place the pecans corn sugar salt and oil. Mix together and place on a baking sheet that is well sprayed.

Place the tray on pecans in the oven for no more than five minutes. (Depending on the over-there may be a shorter time-keep an eye on these nuts It is always good to stare at them nuts ! You'll roasted nuts but not burned)

Remove Pineapple from the shell to form a small bowl Pineapple

Chop the pineapple -. . . Small cuts (making sure you remove woody hearts)
Place the pineapple in the small bowl you used pecans. Add a teaspoon of honey and a hint of cinnamon. Mix in a quarter cup Mayo or make your own cream dressing-this is what I do. Add a pinch of white pepper. Mix everything together and place in refrigerator. Note: If you like baby shrimp (like me) then I would place the baby shrimp too. Also an ounce of Grand Mariner

now -. Taking a variety of wild lettuce having Radicao baby dandelion leaf and romaine you can usually find this mixture in a shop now a days. Add a teaspoon of Virgin Olive Oil (does not have to be a virgin-I just said that). Toss lightly.
Add salad in pineapple shell. Do not press down (although you can press down on me-if you want)

Now put down-no-no-I mean lay pineapple mixture lightly on top (ummm... on top). Now add half the fried candy pecans with fourth slice pineapple as a garnish. To make this more colorful add sticks of cinnamon and cross them
You can also add a wild baby strawberries

Set Pineapple Boat on your most decorative plate -. . Preferably a colored plate. Such as a red plate. If you are very creative you can make a cloth napkin in a star placing the Pineapple Salad Boat in the Star segment.
Now add the other half of candy roasted pecans around the plate.

Tips and Warnings

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