30 November 2011

Innofader on Kontrol S4

When the protocols went from MIDI to HID on some hardware controllers (like the Native Instruments Kontrol S4) the signals got quick enough for using controllers to effective do all aspects of scratching on a controller from transport control to cross fader cutting.

The cross fader on the S4 is more than good enough for my use, but for those of you out there who use the cross fader active and do a lot of scratching you might be excited about the fact that you now can mount an Innofader to replace the standard cross fader on your S4!
DJ Techtools gives the details

23 November 2011

Loop recorder in Traktor Pro 2

Personally I don't use the loop recorder very much, but I guess that if one is to create some Live remixing or beeing a background DJ for a rap artist or even a band, the looprecorder could be pretty usefull. I know my buddy Jaycobson uses the looprecorder for recording small loops which he bashes out on his Roland HandSonic drumpads.

This is a pretty neat walkthrough of how to use the loop recorder in Traktor Pro 2.
Created by Dubspot Instructor and Traktor DJ Extrordinaire; The infamous DJ Shiftee.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

1. By clicking the Deck letters you can switch modes for the decks between (Track, Sample, External). This saves you the trouble of going into the setup. :)
2. After creating a loop in the loop recorder, you can drag the loop in to a sample deck.

22 November 2011

DIY Turntable?

It's a bit crude, but if all else fails. Get your Walkman out and get creative!

09 November 2011

Traktor Scratch MK II

Turntablists beware: Traktor is back with yet an improvement to their already top of the class Digital Vinyl System.

This time they’ve upped the quality and feel of the vinyl so it has got an even more authentic feel. A regular DJ (like myself) that does use scratch a lot probably won’t notice that much difference, because it is already pretty tight, but the really hardcore turntablists out there probably will notice a slightly better performance.
Alongside with the fact that they’ve solved the way that wow and flutter influence the sync functionality simply make Traktor Scratch Pro 2 a bit of a miracle for DJs using turntables.

I really liked the new layout of the sticker on the new MK 2 vinyl as well. Finally I don’t have to add markers to them. The sticker is a very nice indicator. Let’s hope the B side is just as good.

Qbert has been a part of the development of the new Traktor Pro 2 slipmats which I find to be pretty neat.

Also take a look at the video from Native Instruments that runs through the new features in Traktor Scratch Pro 2: