30 January 2011

Combining audio sources on PC

You can use Traktor with just this bad boy for $1 and the internal soundcard in your computer.
It's fairly easy combining audio sources on MAC cause it's built in to the core platform. On PC it's a bit different, but there is a software that will help you resolve this issue. It's called ASIO4ALL and is a freeware that is available for download. I'm not quite confident that the stability is 100% so if you wan't to use this option... Make sure that you've tried it out properly.
Digitaldjtips explains the process
Software is here

29 January 2011

28 January 2011

Denon DN-MC6000 Traktor Controller

Though Denon didn't make a big fuzz about this unit at NAMM 2011 it's still a recently released controller that deserve some attention.
Made for Traktor and shipped with Traktor LE, but works best with Traktor Pro.
The awesome controller has almost any functions for Traktor straight up on the controll surface.

Check it out

27 January 2011

Traktor vs. Serato vs. Abelton

DJ Techtools did an article yesterday where they very politically correct compared Traktor, Serato and Abelton.
If you read between the lines one can clearly see that for a DJ: Traktor RULES!

Comments on Traktor:
The article has two cons for Traktor, but I don't see them as any problems and one of the also pretty much contredict one of the pros.
No sampler: Traktor S4 has a sampler and the upcoming reliese of Traktor will have a sampler.
No Midi learn: But you do have midi learn! You just can't click an interface controll. You have to select from a list.
Also one of the biggest pros for Traktor is it's MIDI programability. So if you want  to use MIDI you probably want Traktor anyway.

About the Bridge:
For those of you that don't know it: Traktor works perfectly with Abelton aswell!
It's pretty neat that you can record your sets and do minor changes after it's done and to be able to control Abelton with your turntables through a Serato deck with The Bridge. However the best thing about the bridge is the ability to view the Abelton layout inside the Serato software.
I believe if you're dropping your own loops and beats on top of your DJ set. The only thing you really need is to be in sync. Traktor delivers just that.

So adding it all up...
  1. Traktor is one system with all features included. With Serato you have to pick either Scratch or Itch.
  2. Traktor can also be used with Abelton.
  3. Traktor has sync/beat grid.
  4. Traktor has quantise.
  5. Traktor has more effects.
  6. Traktor has better sound quality (when time stretching audio).
  7. Traktor S4 has sampler and the next version will also have samplers.
  8. Traktor has the best MIDI mapping options.
  9. Traktor has internal mixer mode.
  10. Serato has pretty colorcodes for the waveforms (Which the next Traktor also will have)
  11. Serato can mix video.
Traktor did take sampler and waveform colors from Serato, but those are probably the only nice features left for selecting Serato (except video). I do believe the scale still tips in favour of Traktor anyway.

Oh... If you're a producer. Abelton might be a nice way to perform, but if you want to DJ... Go for Traktor and learn how to mix deck by deck.

26 January 2011

Gemini Firstmix

I've hasseled Gemini about their product quality lately as they are now trying to make their way into the market. I haven't tried a Gemini product for about 15 years, but I still remember their dodgy quality products as a dear memory back when I started DJing.
However I think they might have hit their market segment with Firstmix. This is what I remember good old Gemini was aiming for and what I would expect from a Gemini.
Check it out!!!

24 January 2011

Learn Traktor at a high level

If you like to enhance your skills you should take a look at what DubSpot can offer. They've got some very nice courses that you can attend if you're in New York or you can take a smaller online courses that they are holding aswell.

Digital DJing w/ Traktor Program
Digital DJing w/ Traktor Level 1: Introduction to DJing
Digital DJing w/ Traktor Level 2: Phrase Mixing (by phone)
Digital DJing w/ Traktor Level 3: Beyond The Beatmatch (by phone)

Some more cool Traktor info here...

23 January 2011

Teenage Engineering OP-1

It's a bit off topic, but since it's so freakin' cool I just had to tell you about this awesome synth.

Teenage Engineering made a synth called OP-1 which is one of the coolest music device out there. It you want to have a small portable synth with your DJ setup and just be über fantastic. This is the way to go.

Check out this video from Skratchworx.

And... If you think you've seen it before? You're probably right! Swedish House Mafia used in the music video for their super hot track: One

22 January 2011

American Audio VMS-4 Traktor FIRST LOOK

Nothing shows off the gear like a video. :) I think this is a pretty neat controller for Traktor. Like the touch faders that 's on theese controllers. I think we'll be seeing quite alot more of this type of additions to controllers in the future.

This video is from NAMM 2011

20 January 2011

djTechtools - Nammies 2011

There where alot of great news last week about Digital DJ products beeing reliesed.
DJ Techtools did an article about the greates relieses at NAMM 2011, but I can't figure out why they didn't mention Pioneers DDJ-T1? Didn't Pioneer show it off at all? If so that was a pretty bad marketing move, or maybe it just isn't stable enough.

Anyway Rane delivered a solid soundcard for Serato and Re-loop did a solid controller release for Traktor. Check it out the new DB4 from Allen & Heath if you are interrested in expencive multifunctional mixers...

Read it all here

19 January 2011


If you've ever played back to back with another DJ playing on a PC, you've probably experienced some difficulties when changing setups. This smart box in the setup makes switching easy and pretty simple too. A must have for any clubs featuring more then one DJ pr. night.

18 January 2011

NAMM 2011 - Reloop Jockey 3 (By Skratchworx)

I really like this unit.... :) Big buttons, thick knobs, large jog-wheels and tight faders. Simply fantastic.
And the fact that you use it as a stand alone mixer without any computer connected makes it perfect to install in clubs that are looking to take a step by step upgrade into the future.

Ean Golden interview's Richie Hawtin at Namm 2011 (Future of Digital Djing)

One of my favorite digital DJs (Ean Golden) meets up with the godfather of digital DJing (Richie Hawtin) and talk about the start of it all and in what direction it is heading.

"It's not what the equipment does, but what YOU can do through it!"
- Richie Hawtin, NAMM 2011 -

17 January 2011

Pioneer DDJ-T1 Traktor Controller

The unit will be for sale in Febuary 2011 at a suggested retail price of $1299.

Big picture of the unit from digitaldjtips.com

Mission III is here!

The German hardware produser teased us about the release of a new controller at NAMM 2011. It has now been reliesed and the new controller is named Reloop Jockey 3. Not a revolutionary, but an ok controller never the less.
It is basicaly a compact, big button, small format, two channel, four deck controller with built-in soundcard.
Got to love ze Germans...

Notable Features:
  • Analog mixer capabilities (Inputs can either be routed directly to faders or to soundcard)
  • Adjustable drag for the touch sensitive platters
  • 4 Modes for the platters: Vinyl, CDJ, Search and FX
  • 4 Deck assignable (only two faders!)
  • High-end 24 bit / 96 kHz audio interface with BurrBrown AD/DA converters and MIDI interface
  • High res jogwheels
  • Exchangable x-fader
  • Channel VU-meters
  • Two headphone connectors (6,3 and 3,5 mm jack)
  • Dual master (6,3 mm jack and RCA) and booth output

16 January 2011

Traktor Pro Hotkey stickers for Mac

KB Covers has done a keyboard mapping overlay for Traktor. You can use these stickers to make your keyboard much more suited for hotkeys. Sadly the stickers are only available for Macbook, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro, so the computerusers will have to look elsewhere.

Check it out here

15 January 2011

Traktor offer extended

Native Instrument had a campain in december where they had 50% off Traktor. The offer originaly expired 31.12.2010, but it's now extended to 31.03.2011.

So if you didn't know about the original offer or just didn't get off your ass to get the worlds best DJ software. You can get it for half price untill 31.03.2011.

And for those of you who wonder if I get payed to write this... No, I don't. :)

Gemini CTRL-47

It's said to be a premium quality 4 deck controller for DJs. As I said earlier about Gemini is that in my experience (when I bought a Gemini mixer for about 15 years ago) they weren't very solid products. Hopefully this has changed.

However. The layout of the controller is in my eyes lacking a whole range of funtioncs that should be used by anyone who is wielding the mighty Traktor. So it's a four deck, dual transport midi controller with effect section and then some. I'm missing buttons for some loop functions, hotcues and beatjump. With only two buttons on transport control it's also missing quite alot on that arena aswell.

My tip:
Check out any other 4 deck controller before this one if you're thinking about going for Traktor. Don't limit your self to this controller and the simple lack of buttons and knobs.

14 January 2011

Rane SL-4

Rane launced their new soundcard for Searto Scratch christened SL-4.
The soundcard is a 96 kHz/24 bit/10 channel input/output audio interface. Audio specs are similar to what Native Instruments has had in their Audio 8 DJ (-2 channels) for almost four years now, so welcome to the club. :)

The cool thing about this soundcard is that they have added two USB ports for quick laptop changes without reconnecting everything. I can't see how two computers are able to pull on the same hardware resource, so I'm not sure how well this works in practise. It's however a very nice idea.

American Audio VSM 4 Traktor

American Audio released a very good 4 deck controller called VSM4 about 4 months ago. At NAMM 2011 they announced that they are releaseing a variaty of the controller that is espescialy geared towards and bundled with Traktor.

Notable features:
  • Midilog channels (midi/analogue faders)
  • Touch sensitive scroll bar for track search
  • Touchpad for mouse controll or 3 channel midi (on/off, X, Y)
  • Nice beatjump section
  • Reloop button
  • 4 button hotcue section (small buttons)
As far as design and workflow goes I would recommend the new Pioneer DDJ-T1 before this. I would rather have the sync/master buttons pr. channel then a mouse pad and optional Midi/analogue controllers.

More at Skratchworx

Decksaver for Traktor S4

Decksaver for Traktor Kontrol S4
Decksaver is a very nice cover for your gear that helps you keep dust and dirt out of your faders and keep the gear nice and clean.

Under NAMM 2011 the released a bunch of new covers, but most importantly they've now got a decksaver for Traktor Kontrol S4. As soon as it's available I'm ordering one.

More info here

13 January 2011

You're wrong Theo!

There has been some DJs out there lately defending the old way of DJing with hard copy media. Theo Parrish was just interviewed and had some ideas about digital DJing that is in my eyes very wrong.

With alot of respect to the great DJs out there still not gone digital:
Laptop DJing is the future and it differs not one bit from DJing with CDs or Vinyl.

I understand the need for a physical copy of your music and that does give you more "ownership" to your tracks. However... After beeing a digital DJ for couple of years now I feel that the relationship has moved away from the records them selves and the focus is now in the music. No matter what format it is played of.

Digital DJ Tips elaborates

I also think the comparisson with Jimi Hendrix and showmanship is a little off. I don't believe any DJ playing either on a laptop or CDs would light their equipment on fire. That's just stoopid...

12 January 2011

A first look at the future of DJing with Traktor

I posted a rumor about a new Traktor beeing in the making and a new Audio 8 DJ in the making on the 10th.

Well yesterday this video was posted by NI. :)

New soundcard and a new Traktor software with a sampler. :)

New colors and the design looks a bit more analogue.

All RCA connectors on the same side.
Also we can see that they've got status lights for audio through.

Looks good... Even on a Mac. ;)
Sample section is here!!

Colored waveforms and sampledecks.

DJ Techtools takes a look at it here

Pioneer hits the controllers

Pioneer which has been the club standard for CD players and mixers the last 10 years has finaly launched them selves into the controller market and delivered their first complete DJ controller for Traktor and Serato.

Pioneer DDJ-S1 (Serato)Pioneer DDJ-T1 (Traktor)

The two new controllers are geared towards the two leading Digital DJ software on the market: Serato and offcause the fairest of them all; Traktor.

What I think is probably one of the most notable things is that the DDJ-T1 is delivered with it's own custom developed Traktor software: TRAKTOR PIONEER DDJ-T1 EDITION.
It's like most of the latest 4 deck controllers released with four faders, but only two transport controls available.

Other notable features:
  • Sync and master controll pr. channel! YES!
  • Two very versitile effect sections
  • Interchangable Hotcue / Beatjump section
  • Needle search (Touch sensitive search bar for scrolling through tracks)
  • Fader start
  • Loop (in/out) adjustment

Loads of buttons to push. :)

Input terminals: MIC x 1 (1/4 inch PHONE), AUX x 1 (RCA)
Output terminals: MASTER OUT x 2 (1/4 inch PHONE x 1, RCA x 1), HEADPHONE MONITOR OUT x 2 (front 1/4 inch PHONE, mini pin)
Other terminals: USB B connector x 1
Frequency range: 20Hz - 20kHz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.005% or less
External dimensions: 68 x 9,4 x 31,8 cm (26.8 x 3.7 x 12.5 in)
Weight: 5,3 kg (10.8lbs)
Compatible OS: Mac OS X (10.5, 10.6 or later), Windows® 7 Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate, Windows Vista® Home Basic/Home Premium/Ultimate/Business Windows® (SP1 and later), XP Home Edition/Professional (SP3 and later)(Note: is not compatible with Windows® XP Professional x64 edition)

Read more about Pioneer DDJ-T1

Since I only know about Traktor I won't look into the DDJ-S1, so if you're looking for info about this unit you should check out this link.

11 January 2011

Serato iPad app...

This video is to showcase the MIDI-TO application on IPAD for Serato Scratch.
WOW! That's just embaressing... Is this how DJing with an interface on Serato Scratch sounds like? Well I reccon it's the guy spinning that's in serious lack of skill.
The app looks to show some potential, but the guys who are techy enough to get an iPad probably isn't the ones with Serato. I don't know. It just looks like they don't quite know what to use the buttons for and are just pushing them without a cause.
Best thing is that at the end of the video... He remove the timecode vinyl and go old school regular hard core plastic fantastic vinyl. I can see that this guy just didn't handle technology very well, and that's probably why he's on Serato. Pechiiing!

In this case... Do hate the player!

Thumbs up for the app though. ;)

10 January 2011

Pioneer CDJ as Traktor Pro Controller

Todays video is an informative video from Dubspot. This video shows you how the HID setup of the CDJ-900 works. Pretty neat stuff.

08 January 2011

New soundcards from Native??

A DJ Friend of mine wanted to buy a new Audio 8 DJ, but got a message from the importers.
They said that he should hold off getting a new soundcard until the release of the next series of DJ soundcards to be released from Native Instruments.
The soundcard should allegedly have a 32 bit resolution.

Also they talked about a new release of Traktor Scratch as well.
I'm not that sure about this, but there might very well be a 2.0 upgrade around the corner. There’s a while since the 1.2 upgrade that gave us some new key features.
What I believe will be at the heart of the next upgrade simply has to be the Sample decks that where introduced in Traktor S4.

07 January 2011

Video mixing (VJ) on Traktor

Both Virtual DJ and Serato have video mixing capability, Traktor don't. That is probably the only major feature that Traktor is missing. Otherwise it can pretty much to anything that the two other major Digital DJ/DVS systems incorporate. I just newly read an old forum post from 2008 in the NI forum that Native Instruments is looking for or hired resources for the soul purpose of working on developing VJ software. Traktor will probably get video capability some time in the future, but when this will be is not clear! I'm very interested in how far they've come in the process or if they have just put everything on hold because the lack of interest.

VJing is a small part of the DJ eco system, but it could give that extra punch for performance DJs that might infect the club environment as well, but only if it's done correctly.

The issue
The biggest problem with VJing is that not every audio track has a corresponding music video. This really limits the selection of tracks which just simply sucks. That's my main concern about VJing... Limiting my music selection.
I can't see my self DJing with a black screen for every 5-6 track that I play.
This could probably be fixed with creating cool visual effects between videos with text or something to promote yourself, cool pictures cross overs or a simple integrated video editor to create compilations with beat matched video cut from other music videos that are beat matched.

Watching videos?
All the clubs I play in does have a monitor system installed, so I guess it would be of some interest if I can create an incorporated video show or performance with my mixing, but for what purpose? I don’t want people sitting around watching music videos when they should be out dancing.

We’ll probably also need to buy some kind of video output device if they are not using the integrated external video port.

I will wait and see what will become of Traktor VJ efforts and take it from there.

06 January 2011

NAMM 2011 rumors and speculations

First up I just want to tell you that neither Native Instruments or Traktor is listed as exhibitors on the NAMM page, so I guess there won't be alot of news concerning Traktor.
As the big show is closing in there are however some interresting rumors spreading on several fronts. Skratchworx did some digging and came up with some interresting stuff.

Earlier they teased us all about having looked at a new Numark 4 channel controller at BPM in Birmingham. (HERE)
According to them the controller will be showcased at NAMM 2011 and I'm excited to see what they've conjured up. Lately they've been heavy on the Serato side, so I hope this is a Traktor capable controller.

We know allready that Reloop is launcing their Mission III which I wrote about earlier. (HERE)

Ecler is entering the MIDI scene with a new controller called NEO. Picture from AboutDJ

Rane has said that they are going to have a press conference early on the first day to unveil several products. It's been alot of talk about Rane making standardized drivers for PC, so they might be looking to a bit more open in their relationship with Serato.

Itch will probably be showcased with Bridge integrated.

04 January 2011

Win Traktor Kontrol S4

DJ Techtools needs your feedback and in the contest you can win the brand new Traktor Kontrol S4 from Native Instruments.
Just some simple questions about your self and their site.

Participate here

Future of DJ Techtools:
It looks like they are looking to squeze some money out of their site. That's totaly fair. Up untill now it looks like they haven't been earning quite alot on their page. I recon all their income has been based on their store. They're looking into getting some new paid services and maybe add some adds to their sites.
Keep it up guys!

Phil takes a look at Midifighter

And we're still on the Midifighter today... Phil Morse at DigitalDJTips did a review of DJ Techtools' Midifighter. Phil is pretty thorough in his work and this review is no exception. There's also a very nice video of his mapping which I find to be pretty nice. It's made for Virtual DJ, but you can do the same for Traktor.

Read the review here

I'm looking to get one myself some time this year, but I haven't descided what colors to get it in and I realy want the advanced version... Though that version is bit pricy the original isn't that bad. I did all the selections that I would like to have on my controller in their MidiFighter editor/configurator and it came to about $200 USD. Not that bad for this awesome product...
I got the T-shirt though... :) Love the logo.

03 January 2011

AmpLive's Custom Midi-Fighter

This weeks video is from DJ Techtools. A small example on what the Midifighter is evolving towards. Though it's impressing to have a lightshow on your controller. I don't think I would want to be using that element for regular DJing. :) Could be very confusing.

Midifighter isn't just a 4x4 pad made for mashing. It can also be expanded with several other controllers like powerknobs and powerfaders. Which basicaly mean that instead of just a CC controll you might for instance get note controls on the top, mid and left position of the button. Very cool for controlling effects or filters. :)

Read more about the experemental Midifighters here.