31 October 2010

Win Platinum Notes 3!

DigitalDJTips.com has a pretty cool competition where you can win Platinum Notes 3.
A fantastic tool for maximizing, key correcting and generaly improving your tracks and mixes.
Click here for more info

Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello

I just love this track!

Only available at beatport.

30 October 2010

S4 shipping very soon!

Just recieved this email from DJ Techtools:

Dear Fredrik,

Your controller is going to be shipped out on time within 24-48 hours after november 1st.
       •       In order to ensure that your controller would be shipped out with no delay we are starting to accept the remainder of payments now.
       •       Once your controller has been shipped you will be sent a tracking number to your email. Please allow 24 hours for your tracking information to update.
       •       If we encounter any errors or problems with your order we will contact you immediately.
Thank you for your support of DJ TechTools and enjoy your new controller!


Patch setup for computer DJs

Pretty cool looking piece of equipment.
We've all been there... Arriving at the club and the first thing you have to do is to unplug the mixer and rearranging the cables to connect your soundcard. Then when you leave and you have to do it all over again. Rodec USA made a patch panel called Patch Live for fixing this problem. It makes it so that when Digital DJs arrive, they can easily connect their soundcard to the existing setup without unplugging anything.
It also makes it possible for two DJ's to switch setups on the fly! Sweet!

Easy to connect and switch between two DJs!
I believe this product is a must-have product for any nightclubs using Digital DJs!

28 October 2010

Keeping your music safe (1/3): Overview

How many of you are backing up all your music? When do you do it?
It's really important to be on a regular backup plan and make sure that your data is safe.
You can either do this manualy or use an automated backup system.

There are a couple of things you should back up:
1. Music folders (Where ever they are on your computer)
2. Traktor setup folders (C:\Users\[user]\Documents\Native Instruments\)
3. Traktor Install folder (Put the latest version of Traktor and updated drivers for your soundcard and controller here)

Backing up these folders will make you able to quickly get back on your feet if you have a hardware malfunction. As long as you are able to get to the backup source you can quickly get a new installation of Traktor runing with all your music and settings. We'll look more closely at the restore procedure in part three.

Manual backup routine:
The simplest way to make a backup is to use an external harddrive and simply copy your tracks and settings to the disk. The best thing about this is that you will now be able to use this while on the road
Another way to do this is to use a Network Storage (NAS) like drobo or a hardware connected.

Automated online backup:
Depending on how much music you've got you can use free online backup options.
Services like mozy and idrive can give you great online backup posibilities. And for about $50 USD you can backup all your files online and the folders will automatically sync once you connect to the internet.

Virtual syncronized backup:
Dropbox is a super tool for backing up and working with you music.
You can use this service to manage your folders on other computers then your performing computer and sync them. More about this in part two.

Go to: Part 2

27 October 2010


WOW! It's like the best xmas gift EVER!
From now and untill Desember 31 they are actually selling Traktor products for HALF PRICE!!!!
If you haven't got Traktor yet?? GO NOW!

25 October 2010

Controllerism for Gamers!

There are alot of cool controllers on the market for controlling Traktor. One can use any kind of controller as an interface as long as you can map your signals right. Software like GlovePIE can be used for bridging the gap between bluetooth data to MIDI signals and it's this software most of the people using DJ Hero, Guitar Hero and Wii controllers as MIDI devices.

DJ Hero controller:

Guitar Hero controller:

Ean Golden rocks! :)

Wii controller:

Would be nicer in English... An with a t-shirt.

Xbox controller:

For you Mac users... Why not go apple all the way?

TIP: Music on USB

I've had some problem with Traktor crashing while playing from external disks and drives.
My Traktor is normaly pretty reliable, but when I play music directly from an external drive it some times just gives my computer some hickups.
Just want to recommend you NOT playing directly from an external source, but copying your tracks to your local drive. It could just be my computer acting up, but it's better to be safe than sorry. :)

24 October 2010

Native Instruments Traktor S4 Videos - Part 2

I'm still waiting for the controller and around the world everyone else seems to get their hand on the S4...
Go to: Part 1

Pretty good Scratch demo:


Birmingham BPM 2010

The Japaneese continue investigating:
Part 3

Part 4:

Organizing music

Digital DJ tips just wrote a nice article on organizing your music. I'm not very good at this, but I've got my own techniques that I use. Got some tips of this tutorial and I might refine these and post a tutorial later...

They got some good tips here, so it's worth the read.

Read more right here...

21 October 2010

Reloop Mixage

Reloop launched the Mixage controller at BPM in Birmingham at the start of October. It's a two deck controller with a built-in sound card (16 bit/48 kHz) which is okay for the price range that it's in. You can get this unit for about $300-400 USD which is in the lower price range for controllers with built-in sound cards.

I've never tried controllers from Reloop, but they seem to have a good reputation. I've always thought their designs where a bit bulky and didn't quite fit into my routine. This doesn't for fill my needs as far as effects go, but the design looks pretty tight. There is also a limited version in a silver/metal finish that looks awesome.

What's great?
Designed for Traktor Duo
Looks pretty cool
Back lit buttons
Touch sensitive jog wheels
Two Shift buttons
Vu-meter pr channel (LED volume indicator)
Four BIG buttons for play, cue, cup and Sync (SHIFT: CUE1, 2, 3 and 4)
Dedicated filter knob (SHIFT: Pan)
Loop length knob (SHIFT: Beatjump)
Reloop button! (...offcause...)
Effect on/Selector (Only one...) (SHIFT: Master/Keylock buttons)
Buttons for Vinyl mode and Search mode
Big search wheel with buttons to load and jump through crates
Three band EQ and Gain
Built-in sound card.

What's missing?
Buttons and knobs for effects to work fully with all parameters on Traktor Pro (But since it's made for Traktor Duo that might not count)

All in all it's a pretty alright controller if you want to start your DJ career and want to stick with Traktor Duo. But why not just go for the full package?


Gemini just released their second Digital DJ Controller and it looks like quite a versitile controller. It's got alot of buttons and a built-in soundcard like most controllers... The exciting thing is that you get all this for about $250 USD!

It's got big buttons and rotary buttons, but are missing two rotary knobs and som button placement to fully support the design of the effects section in Traktor. It's also got a led indicator on each channel, but that requires som heavy duty hardware to support. They have however a section that would support a very good workflow on jumping, moving and looping. The transport buttons are a bit small.

It's got alot of connections both XLR and RCA. The built-in Soundcard is said to have a frequency from 20 Hz-20kHz, but the specs doesn't say anything about the sample or bit rates... Probably not top notch, but it has to be atleast 16 bit... :)

I haven't thought about or looked on Gemini products since I started DJing. Then only reason why we used Gemini was because it was the cheapest products on the market and that also reflected the poor quality of their products, but that was back in the 1990's. :) Hopefully they've improved in the last 20 years and are now delivering reasonably good quality products. Who knows? :)

//EDITED 2011.03.25
Check out the comments...
Recommendation: Try it before you buy it!

19 October 2010

Pimp your controller

Are you tired of the way your controller looks? Do you have a custom layout for the controller, but the writing on the controller just doesn't match? I just came over this awsome site for making a custom layout for your DJ Equipment! They've got alot of other products like guitars, computers and midi controllers.

They've got an editor for creating your own design that you can put on a wide variaty of products. It's a neat editor where you can upload pictures, create text and much more. You can also call on the standard layout if you just want to get a new background or layout.
They've got both my main controllers in there, but I'm waiting for Traktor S4 and so I'm waiting untill that's arrived before I'll invest in a new design for my current units.

It's a sticker that you just add to the front of your controller.
The prices vary from 20 to 50 USD + shipping.
Check out more on their website http://www.styleflip.com/

17 October 2010

Allen and Heath Xone DX | ProAudioStar.com

A run through of the four deck controller from Allen & Heath. Even though it's made for Itch, it still would do great on a Traktor setup aswell.

The controller gets minus points for not having touch sensitive jogs... As I said earlier: Allen & Heath makes good products, but I personally don't like the faders, jogs or buttons. The faders just feels off some how and the buttons tend to have a long travel and does not feel very accurate. But for you Allen & Heath fans out there: I reccon this unit will support your Traktor setup very well.

15 October 2010

Native Instruments Traktor S4 Videos

While I wait for my S4 to arrive I'm impatiently browsing for info on it... Here are some cool Youtube videos to add the expectations...

Some Scrathing...

For my Japanese friends... :)

Check out the startup pattern. :)


Rumor: 4 deck magic from Numark

Lately Numark has been heavy on supporting Serato. The NS7 "only" work with Itch and alot of their new gadgets have been geared towards other software than Traktor. It breaks my heart, but I'm happy to see that Denon is on the Traktor offensive. :)

However... The guys at skratchworx.com has been lucky enough to be taken back to Numarks secret lair durring BPM 2010. Numark let them play around with their newerst creation. A controller made for a four deck environment and they say it looks to be a knockout.

"Think NS7 (minus 7" motorised platter) but in the vein of other competitive units.

They also said that there where two other "incidents" durring BPM 2010 but that they where secrets. How annoying and exciting...

Read more: skratchworx.com

08 October 2010

Pictures of Denon - BPM 2010

Scratchworx released pictures of Denon gear from BPM 2010.

The slideshow features the DN-MC6000, DN-X600 and DN-SC2000.
Denon products are allways high quality and I think the feel of the buttons are just amazing. Hopefully the new products will be of the same caliber as the earlier products.
I'm realy excited about the MC6000, the SC2000 is a super product and the X600 looks like a simple mixer, but it's just so much more.

The solid steel cased, four channel MIDI controller with built-in soundcard is one of the most amazing controllers to hit the market in a long time. It's geared towards Traktor and it looks actually to be one of the best controllers I've seen... Apart from the Native Instruments S4 offcause.

I've wrote more about this earlier and it looks like the best single deck controller on the market. I've tried alot of different products but nothing that looks as Traktor friendly as this sucker. :)

The X600 is a two channel mixer but is made for DVS DJ's and has some cool features under it's hood. It's got a built-in 4 channel in / 4 channel out soundcard and a 32-bit DAC Output for excellent soundquality. It's got an effects processor with 8 effects (Delay, Echo, Flanger, Filter, Reverb, Loop, Beat Scratch and BeatBreaker). All buttons and faders are MIDI assignable.
Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of premium-grade DJ equipment, unveils its DN-X600 2-Channel Digital Mixer, featuring MIDI interface and an internal soundcard. This versatile mixing solution is designed for all types of DJs, as it features software compatibility as well as full functionality for non-software DJs. The unit also acts as an interface, making it an ideal mixer for mobile DJs, party DJs, non-performing “bedroom” DJ hobbyists and more.

07 October 2010

05 October 2010

Vestax VCI-100 MK II (Update)

I didn't have time to abbreviate about the new VCI100, so I just posted a quick post that it was launched.
Currently I'm using the VCI-100 because it's just a very good controller. I bought the black overlay from DJ Techtools and got the nice rubber knobs and I think it looks really nice. The only problem I have with the current one it that the effect section is way off from what Traktor needs and that looks to be fixed on the new one. This pro/con list is partly weighted on the upgrades from VCI-100 to VCI-100 MKII and info from DJ Techtools.

Price: $699 / €499 / £369
Available: November 2010

  • Fancy new design
  • Lighter than the previous version (2 kg)
  • Effect section ala Traktor
  • Dedicated buttons for Filter and Beatjump!
  • C/D Deck toggle
  • Big transport buttons and rotaryknobs
  • Built-in Soundcard
  • Shipped with Traktor LE
  • Plastic casing (But this makes it lighter)
  • Joystick for browsing and loading.
  • Only two faders.

In my opinion has Vestax delivered among the best quality products on the market, but it looks like they did not keep up with their reputation on this one according to DJ Techtools. However the one they tried was a proto type, so it might improve with the finished products.
The best news is that it looks like Ean Golden and the DJ Techtools guys will make a special edition to this controller. Hopefully they will improve the quality according to their own review and make this a smashing product.

If the quality is according to the Vestax standard this will definitely be one of the best Traktor Controllers on the market and offcause the DJ Techtools edition will probably kick ass!

Check out the video from DJ Techtools here.

More info on djtechtools.com and Vestax Pro

02 October 2010

Vestax VCI-100 MK II

Ean shows off the new VCI-100 MKII!!! It look fantastic! :)

I will get back with more details later. ;)

01 October 2010

New entry level controller from Hercules

It looks like every hardware producer is now warming up for the BPM show next weekend. Hercules is one of them and lauched the DJ Console 4-Mx.

The design of the controller is really nice. It's in the entry level and you will get alot of gear for the money if you buy this controller. With both balanced Jack and RCA outputs and alot of inputs (both for line and mic) the options are pretty good. It's got a 6 button cuepoint area for both decks and I like the layout for the trasport buttons. All the buttons are back lit and the jogwheels are pressure sensitive.

A two fader mixer designed for a four deck environment? In my mind this isn't a very good combo. I would need my faders for all decks to be available at all time, so clicking a button to access my other decks isn't really favorable. It hasn't got enough rotary faders to support the effect units (but you can re-map and create a effect mode or use the EQ for a dual purpose, but again you would loose the dedicated controls)

It's shipped with Virtual DJ LE and looks to be made for this software aswell.

More info: