24 June 2012


Look at live tracklists from around the world!

Richie Hawtin stopped by the guys at DJ Techtools to shoot the breeze and they got to talking about his newest inovation: Twitter.dj

A while a go Richie started broadcasting his sets live through twitter with this new application that he custom built for Traktor. I wanted this sooo bad and today is my lucky day!
As this was a very good idea he started branching out this idea to work as a platform for more DJs and twitter.dj was bourne. They've made this available for everyone to see and this will probably open up for some interresting new aspects of DJing and sharing.

Through the website you can browse through live sets all around the world at any time. I spent the last hour looking through and I think it's amazing to look at what people are playing at different countries at different times and see what other DJs in the area are playing.
It will get you some new tracks and ideas! LOVE IT!
Share the love and your tracklists.

The software is cross platform (Ableton, Traktor or Serato/PC or Mac) and is now available for everybody!
It comes with a very simple step by step manual and it's not that hard to set up.
On Traktor it uses the broadcasting capability to pick up the track info. It's not that hard to set up.

Download the software for Traktor here.
PS: It is currently in beta.

12 June 2012

How to Use Traktor Pro 2.5 Remix Decks

Hi there,

Got your F1 controller yet? :) I am so happy I got mine. The remix deck has made me think about DJing and creating sets in a whole new way. :) LOVE IT!!!
The guys at Dub Spot explain how to use the new controller in this very informative and educational video. DJ Endo goes through the functions of the controller and there is SO much to learn. Many hidden features. :)

Remember to check out the "Easter egg" at the end of the video. ;) VEGAS BABY!

This other video explain a lot of the features and how to use Traktor Pro 2.5 Remix decks in a context of Maschine Producer setting.

It points out a important thing that I missed the first time around. Set the Auto Gain for the remix decks to be active in the settings menu! :)