23 April 2009

The coolest smoothie ever!

Mixed Up - Beat Blender and Mixmaster 1200 from Matti Niinimäki on Vimeo.

04 April 2009

Traktor CPU Load

I've noticed lately that my CPU load is quite large and wondered why.
I found out that I've sat on all the effects on on both effect chains.
So to ease of the CPU load I just sat the effect to "no Effect", and it worked...

Connecting two instances of Traktor

I'm going back home this easter and I'm gonna play together with two of my best friends on Long Friday (April 10th) at Tiger Tiger. We are gonna use two instances of Traktor and run them together and I looked into connecting the Master BPM from one of the computers to the other.
The concept is quite simple. One Traktor (The master) controll the Main BPM and the other Traktor (The slave) reads off it through MIDI.

Follow these 4 easy steps to make it work:
1. Connect a MIDI cable from midi out on the master to the midi in on the slave
2. Ensure that you have activated the midi on both computers: Preferences > MIDI Setup. Activate both the Input and Output devices.
3. On the master Traktor activate Send MIDI Clock. The offset is for compensating the lag from the MIDI interface and cable.
4. Now set the correct master tempo settings:

Click on the metronome beneeth the FX1 to access the midi options.
4.1 On the picture is the setup for the master.
4.2 On the slave select Clock Master to EXT.
(See the Master buttons on the decs become inoperable on the slave Traktor)

Now the MASTER deck BPM will gradualy adjust the BPM on the master which then will controll the master tempo on the slave through the MIDI interface.

I got it working, but I'm not to happy with the stability. I needed some time to match the midi clock offset, but I used two of the same tracks and looped them and adjusted them untill satisfactory and that seems to be the way to do it. The master tempo on the slave computer seems to be working overtime trying to adjust and jumps up and down alot.
However it will still after that it was got off beat quite quickly.
Use Sync button on the MIDI Clock on the master to resync the slave. I noticed that it was even better to tur it of and back on ( Play / Pause ).