30 November 2010

Traktor Duo vs. Pro

There is a review posted on digitaldjtips.com with a comparisson of Traktor Duo and Traktor Pro.

A pretty nice review with alot of good pointers to the fact that Traktor Duo is a pretty sweet deal for those of you who are just using Traktor to mix two tracks together.

I mostly use five effects and two of them are not included in the Duo package. (Beatmasher 2, Gate, Delay, Turntable FX, Iceverb)
The Quantize function is for me a winner. You are always in sync even though the sync button isn't active! This also makes it easier to use four decks.
The master clock is mainly for those of you who want to use external software like Abelton. Or if you want to connect to other Traktor DJs and play together on two or more computers, but still have the option to sync.
The thing for me about Traktor is that it DJing is now so much more then just mixing two tracks. It's about exploring the possibilities of music and fully enjoy what Native Instruments Traktor is all about. I also seldom use deck C & D, but I'm getting there. It's about expanding your realm as a DJ and reaching another level of experiencing and presenting music. So do you realy want to be stuck on two decks and limited effects?

Read the review and see what you think. Personaly I would go for Traktor Pro. The pricepoint isn't that much higher. Atleast not now when the prices are 50% off!

29 November 2010

DJ Qbert gives technical tips.

I've been getting som feedback that you might want regular segments, so Mondays will now be Youtube-day! I'll look through youtube and find some cool tips on DJing in general and share it, so while I'm finishing a couple of touches on my Traktor Kontrol S4 Mapping for Traktor Pro (teaser), you can take a look at the cool videos on how to setup turntables and mixers from the all mighty DJ Q-bert. ENJOY!

Setting up the Turntable counter weight:

Fixing the centre hole of your records:

Simply fix your faders:

Setting up the headshells:

28 November 2010

Traktor Bible

For those of you that are not familiar with the Traktor Bible you should probably check it out ASAP.
It's the holy grale for newbies and gives in depth description of everything you need to know and probably don't even want to know about Traktor.

They are extremly good at updating it and you can now get alot of cool material on the S4 allready!

Also they have some great free software available that makes working with Traktor a bit easier.

CHECK IT OUT: http://www.traktorbible.com/

27 November 2010

Black Friday Special offers!!!

If you want a nice deal! Do it now! ONLY ON THIS SUNDAY! November 28.


I found this sign posted right next door. Seriously... I can't understand
why my neighbours have the need to put up a sign to let us know about
their childrens mental capabilities... Or does the sign contain a
deeper message? You tell me!

26 November 2010

Traktor re-boxing

Sorry about the extreem lack of quality in this post... But you get the picture. :)

Retro Traktors

After searching Google for some fresh info about Traktor I got this header: Traktor is the best MP3 DJ software. Opening the website made me laugh a bit. Talk about a retro website. Recommend updating.

Check out this website: dj-tips-and-tricks.com

This retro page wanted me to make this collage:
Traktor DJ Studio
Traktor DJ Studio 2
Traktor Final Scratch
Traktor Studio 3
Traktor Pro
Traktor S4

25 November 2010

Denon DN-MC6000 release in December!

This awesome looking controller from Denon is being released December 1st. As far as Traktor Pro goes, this is probably the one controller top two controllers suited for the layout, though it's got some extra controller functions that are more geared towards Digital DJ. The S4 controller is made for the S4 software, but can also be used in MIDI mode and send MIDI signals to Traktor Pro. In my opinion this controller would be just as suited for Traktor Pro as the Kontrol S4.

Denon has always delivered high end products for the last 20 years. I guess this controller is no exception.

It is made to be mounted in a 19" rack and is suited for the dark nightclub environments with it's very good lighting distributions.

My conclusion will be that if you are looking for a four deck controller for Traktor Pro. I would have to try this controller before I chose a controller, but it would still be a tough choice between the S4 and the DN-MC6000.


Beatunes logo
Last week digitaldjtips.com wrote about the Itunes plugin called TuneUp. This week they deliver yet another cool review of a pretty essensial tool for DJs who organize their tracks in Itunes. I said last week that I'm most likely to start organizing because of TuneUp. This plugin seals the deal.

This software focus on what's important for DJs like Key, BPM, Genres and coverart.
Use this software to keep a good consistency, analyse your tracks and create, maintain and even autogenerate playlists.

24 November 2010

Traktor Kontrol S4 Tutorial

This is probably one the best Traktor Kontrol S4 Tutorials online. It's made by the guys at DubSpot which is a DJ school / workshop sittuated in New Your. pretty high end school for DJs and producers.

PART I: Mixer & Decks

PART II: Sample decks & Effects

PART III: Snap, Quantize & Loop recorder

23 November 2010

Diver update: Audio 8/4/2 DJ, S4 and X1

November 16th Native Instruments released new drivers for all their products in the Audio X DJ range, the Kontrol S4 and Kontrol X1. Make sure to have the latest driver installed at all times. You can download the driver by using the Service Center or go directly to the driver download below. I recommend using the service center to check for updates regularly.

Download latest driver:

Be safe and stabile!

Software update: Controller Editor 1.3.2

Controller editor is the software that makes it possible for us to get an overview and edit the standard midi layout for the Native Instruments controllers. The new version 1.3.2 was released 17.11.2010 and include some new features that are long over due.

New features in versjon 1.3.2:
* Brings Support for Traktor Kontrol S4
* Brings Multi Controller Support for Traktor Kontrol X1

Super sad fact:
You can't edit the excisting version of S4 mapping to Traktor and there are no standard copies of it either. So if you want to make your own S4 mapping, you have to start from scratch. Good luck.

22 November 2010

How to Sync Ableton Live and Traktor

Kontrol S4 Midi mode

Hitting Shift + Browse button on your S4 controller sets it to "MIDI mode". This makes it possible to controll another applications then Traktor S4 with the Native Instruments Kontrol S4 controller! :) Fancy.

It's should in theory disable the HID controlls, but that's not the case for all the buttons. So there are some bugs that hopefully NI will fix a software upgrade in the near future.

Pete Tong on Traktor S4

DJ superstar Pete Tong from BBC Radio 1 has been one of Traktors supporters for a couple of years. He got into Traktor after having observed Richie Hawtin perform on Traktor and said to him self that this is how DJing should be.
The now 50 year old DJ is also a Traktor Addict and is performing regularly on Traktor Kontrol S4. He also got two white edition KONTROL X1 for his 50th birthday.

21 November 2010

Skratchworx X1 Review

In the midst of the storm about Kontrol S4, the very vinyl friendly Skratchworx.com did their review of the Traktor Kontrol X1. It's a pretty thurough walkthrough of this amazing product from Native Instruments.

Read it here

19 November 2010

Mixed in Key competition

Only 7 days left in the Mixed In Key competition!!

"Upload your mix now for a chance to win an amazing $3,000 Event Opal speaker system, fresh copies of Ableton Suite 8 and Serato Scratch Live. The prizes are massive. "

So if you win the competition you might get a fantastic speaker system or an awsome software called Abelton. If you loose you'll get a free copy of Serato Scratch Live.

Go to: http://contest.mixedinkey.com

Recommend you focus on Key mixing if you want to compete. :)

18 November 2010

Win Technics 1210s!

Skratchworx has a pretty cool contest going. Tick a box and win Technics.

Well... Tick A box is an understatement. It's more like a couple of dosine, but it's worth it. Maybe your feedback can make someone make a more informed descision on what DJ gear to produce in the future. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the survey.

Participate now!
Click here

DJ Techtools opens store

DJ Techtools opens a store in Huntington Beach, California. Pretty cool for the guys at DJ Techtools. Congratz!
Hope the sales will overgo all your expextations.

17 November 2010

For the X-1 users

For those of you that use the X1 controller and not very well versed in midi mapping in Traktor, you can get alot of presets and tips from the Native Instruments X1 user library. :)

There are alot of nice mappings that might help you improve your performance.

Check it out here

16 November 2010

TuneUp for Itunes

I saw this software a while back and thought: YES! Finaly! Then I forgot the product name and never got around to to find it again, but now that DigitalDJTips.com did a review of it I downloaded the software and I'm happy to say that I will from now on use Itunes to organize my tunes, but still use Traktor to organize my playlists.

It's a pretty easy and cheap software when you take into concideration the time one would use to do this manualy. I've been using Tag & Rename for this purpose, but I believe a combination of the two will be a very powerfull tool for fixing your music library.

The best thing is when your whole library is grouped by artist and album. There is nothing more gratifying then viewing your collection in Cover Flow with ALL your tracks when you have cover art for every single track. Your iPod will get a super make over and best of all: CRATE FLICK in Traktor will look AWSOME!
Also making it easier to search your track collection!

You can try it for free and for only $29.99 you can get the unlimited version!

Check out the product
Check out the review

14 November 2010

First impressions on Traktor Kontrol S4

Just wanted to quickly post my first impressions of the Traktor Kontrol S4.

First thought: WOW! Awsome quality and really nice layout.
(The jogwheels are just amazingly tight and responsive. Even more then I anticipated, and I had pretty high expectations.)
Secound thoughts: Why isn't the sampler working like I want it to? And then I got a bit frustrated.

The first thing I did was to install the program and try to figure out the new functions myself, but I got pretty frustrated at first. The buttons didn't do what I wanted them to because I simply didn't quite understand how Native Instruments intended me to use it and it took some time before I understood the whole sampling features. When the sampler features and usage was covered the controller just opened up a whole lot of posibilities and I can't wait to get back to the controller and testing it out some more.

If you are going to buy the controller, the do it from DJ Techtools. They include a very nice DVD where Ean Golden runs through the controller and explain some pretty important stuff. I concider my self a pretty experienced and advanced user of Traktor Pro and after trying out the controller for a couple of hours I watched the DVD and all the bits and pieces came together. I should have watched it before I started. That would have saved me some frustration.

Buy it here...

I'll be on business trip all week, so I won't get to testing any more untill 22. nov... So probably no info on Traktor Kontrol S4 untill then. Sorry... :(

13 November 2010

Traktor Kontrol S4 Unboxing

Traktor mapping for Novation Dicer

DJ Techtools made a nice mapping for Novation Dicer, the midi controller with the engenious format that fits on your turntables.

Click here to read more

12 November 2010

The Mouth

Tim Exile who made also gave us The Finger (haha) has together with Native Instruments made a new gadget to add to NIs massive Effects/Synth/Plugin arsenal. The newest gadget in their arsenal is The Mouth.

Both The Finger and The Mouth could be nice tools to have if you are a DJ. Either for making live effects or your very own Voice promo samples. This could be usefull if you do radio shows and recorded stuff, but in my opinion pretty tacky if you're doing a live performance... Except maybe in the begining of a show.

Notice the S4 controller in the midle of the video. :)

You could use it as a live filter and can create some really nice and very cool effects. :)
If you check out fourth loop of the audio samples on track number 6 on the official page you can hear an AWSOME vocoder effect. :)

Be creative!!!!

11 November 2010

Update version 1.2.7

The 1.2.7 update for Traktor (all versions except S4) is now available for download via the usual channels. Below is the list of changes.

New functionality:
  • Resolution for "tempo" parameter increased
  • Optional "Snap" mouse mode enabled for Traktor Duo / Traktor Scratch Duo

  • Caching and waveform display issues with AAC files fixed
  • Startup crash on system sample rate mismatch fixed
Native Instruments say:
Update notification - the new 1.2.7 version of Traktor (Scratch) Duo/Pro is out, with various optimizations that you shouldn't miss. Duo users also get additional grid/snap options from the Pro version. Download the update now via Service Center!

10 November 2010

Zany Dance Valley 2010

Another promovideo for Traktor. :) Hardstyle!
PS: Don't turn it up to loud...

Haha... Haven't heard music like this in a LOOOOONG time. Brings me back to the 90s when the hardcore and rave scene actually was quite popular. I though it didn't excist any more. Got to hand it to the Dutch to keep a genre like this alive... Don't sound like it's changed much, but it's nice to see something has evolved. Like the DJ setup. :)

Hardware guide updated

I've updated the hardware guide with a very long list of links to controllers and mixers for Traktor.
Now with over 65 90 links to the gear that is suited for Traktor. I'll update with som additional info in time, but for now you can enjoy the list +++.

Check out the guide!

Something missing? Comment or send me a mail.

New 4 MIDI LOOP Controller

Here's an Idea:
Why not make a controller where EVERY button is available for all decks at all time?

Here's an actual product: 4MidiLoop

I wrote about the earlier model of the 4MidiLoop controller a couple of weeks ago and it's a controller designed for using timecode media and then support you with every other function in Traktor available.
It's back in a new version which is even more awsome then the earlier version. Smart layout and button configuration that is very in tune with the Traktor idea.

Buttons buttons buttons!!!

It uses the internal mixer in Traktor, so it's a midi controlled mixer section. This also means that there will probably be a bit of lag when trying different sharp cutting techniques on the crossfader, but it gives you sooooooo much more controll on Traktor and new options.
This is most lightly the best timecode supplement on the market just above the Traktor Kontrol X1.

It's a bit expencive (1300 EURO + shipping), but it's alot of controller... :)

Get an overview of the controller here...
Read the Scratchworx review here...

09 November 2010

My S4 at foreign customs!

Hopefully the Norwegian Customs won't use too much time looking through the S4. It has been registered there twise now, so I'm hoping to see the delivery note within the next day or so. Getting really impatient!! Got a gig this weekend and I'm hoping that I'll have it up and running by then.

"Ozzy" DJ Routine on Traktor Kontrol S4 by Ean Golden

The line between musicians and DJs are getting pretty blury. The S4 will make it possible for alot of people to get creative. THIS is what digital DJing is all about.


So now I need a foot pedal... :)

08 November 2010

S4 review from DJ Techtools

If you haven't read the DJ Techtools review of the S4 yet... You should. :)
It's not written by Ean, since he is one of the persons behind this work of art and thus bias.
Makkus Rovito who was the tech editor for Remix Magazine the last 10 years did the review and he is a Torque user so it's a pretty genuine piece.

Read it here...

07 November 2010

Keeping your music safe (2/3): Backing up

For an overview: Go to Part 1.

In this part we'll run through all the things you need to do to keep your music backed up with the different methods of back-up and look at some pros and cons to the different methods.
Manual backup

The simple prosidure of copy paste
can suddenly become your saviour.
This is a simple copy and replace function and it can create some problems. There are a couple of things you should be aware of. Traktor store their info in the MP3 file, so just copying new files to the folder will make the last updates to your allready backed up tracks fail. That's why you should copy and replace all your  backed up files. So the easiest way to be sure that your backup is up to date is to just overwrite the previous backup.

You don't need an internet connection to get your system back up and running.

You have to remember to back up.

Automated Online Backup

The backup is done regularly once you've set up your system.
You just have to make sure to be online from time to time.
Using automated backup the system will create a backup routine that will execute once you are connected, so the only thing you have to make sure is that your computer is connected to the internet. The system will also take into account updated files that Traktor has altered, and so you have the latest version always available. Just install the program that's included with your backup service, select the folders you want to back up and the schedule. I recommend using a daily backup setting even though you don't have your computer on you'll be sure that it will start the next time you turn it on.

When you don't have a internet connection you can't get to your folders.

Syncronized virtual backup

Blue arrows are actions done on your Traktor laptop.
Red arrows indicate actions done on your purchase/archive computer.

Using a syncronized folder will make it possible to work on separate computers and be able to download new tracks, archive old tracks that you don't use and manage folders. Then you just connect your Traktor computer to your service and your current music folder will be updated with all the changes you've done.
Install the software on your staging/download computer and your Traktor computer. Dedicate one folder on each computer where you syncronize all your files.
On your download computer you can have a download/purchase folder, a syncronized folder and a Archive folder.
Inside your synchronized folder you can have an in use folder with all your tracks that you use, a staging folder (if you do your organizing on your Traktor computer) and a "to-archive" folder where you put your tracks that you want to archive.
When on your Traktor computer you just work within the synchronized folder. You import your tracks from your "staging folder" to your "in use folder" and from your "in use folder" to your "to archive folder".
On your download/purchase/archive computer you move from "download folder" to "staging folder" and from "to archive folder" to "archive folder".

This minimize the risk of viruses, spyware and other malware since you do your surfing and browsing on another computer then Traktor is installed on.

When you don't have a internet connection you can't get to your folders.

In part 3 we'll look at what to do once your computer crashes and you have to restore all your music and data.

Kontroll S4 is all around!

Everybody's talking about it. It's all over every page. The buzz is massive!
My controller is shipped! Probably stuck in Norwegian customs. My very own S4 controller is just around the corner. I can't wait! I CAN'T WAIT! Stop the torture! In the mean while I just have to do with looking at other people having fun with it... Check this out:

06 November 2010

Ultimate Gear review!

Digital DJ Tips did it! The total buyers guide for midi controllers. :)
They've reviewed 36 controllers that are out there and very hot at the moment.
I'll do some reading and see if I agree with their assessment sinse they probably didn't take Traktor into concideration when making it.

>> Click here to see the full Guide <<

Just got back from vacation (got baked and removed some deamons).
But I've got some other things to attend to first.

05 November 2010

On vacation...

I'm currently on vacation in Spain with my wife and to my suprise they had a DJ store in this tiny village. I had to pay them a visit and to see if they had any cool DJ gear on display.
Sadly they didn't have any of the new Traktor controllers, but the Denon DN-HC1000S for Serato was on display.
The weight of the unit was quite alot and it looked really solid. The buttons reminded of the NI Traktor X1 buttons. Good solid quality, but the rotary knobs felt very plastic and like they could break. Knowing Denon... It probably won't. :)

Back from holiday on monday!

03 November 2010

New soundcard from Reloop!

Reloop launches a new 24 bit, 96 kHz, ultra portable, four channel soundcard called Reloop Play.

Good specs and pretty smart two modes function for either mixer or stand alone mode. By using a jack to RCA you'll get the same prosibility with other four channel soundcards like Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ, but this is just smarter... and it looks pretty cool.

  • Ultra portable 4-channel DJaudio interface
  • 24 bit/96 kHz
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 with low latency ASIO/ Core Audio drivers
  • Hi-gain outputs for powerful club sound
  • 2x stereo outputs (RCA), 1x stereo 1/4" headphones output
  • 2 play modes: External mixer mode (2 separate channels can be routed to an external mixer), controller mode (1x master out is routed to the sound system and headphones can be connected directly to the interface)
  • Signal status LEDs for direct, visual monitoring
  • Separate volume controllers for channels 1 & 2, master & headphones respectively
  • Bus powerd: No mains adapter required
  • Burglar-proof: Kensington lock
  • PC & Mac compatible
  • D/A converter: 8 fold/1 bit
  • Dimensions: 320 x 110.5 x 340 mm
  • Weight: 4.0 kg
  • Incl. Traktor PRO demo DJ software