30 November 2008

Traktor Pro + Total Control

I just bought my first set of turntables and mixer. I ended up with Technics 1210 MK3 and Pioneer DJM-400. But I've also been playing around with Numarks Total Control... The sync function segnificantly freed alot of time and now setting up a mix takes about 5 seconds. So, what to do with the free time? Loop, effekts, mashing and so on takes on a new dimention once you free up this much time. And then only two decks can limit your productivity. So you need additional decks which Traktor Pro provides out of the box. :)
I've modified the Total Control MIDI template for Traktor Pro to be able to work with four decs. There are also segnificant upgrades to the search functionality, so I hope it will be usefull for someone else aswell. I'll explain the additions in my next blog, so stay tuned.

In the meanwhile you can download the template and try it yourself. :)


If it doesn't work please email me and I'll send it. =)

1 comment:

Chris said...

Hi There,

Is the file you have provided to map the controls in Traktor Pro with the TC. Has the scrtach, looping etc ben enabled?