22 January 2010

Preparing a set

My setup for preparation.I have a keyboard setup that has NO interference with my performance. No keyboard click will do anything to a playing track... Unless I click CTRL or ALT.
However. If I press ALT+CTRL+P I go into preparation mode. It also enters browser only mode.

NOW I use:

1 to load the track into the preview player. (Pinky)
2 to go back in the preview (Ring)
3 to go forward (fine) in the preview (Long)
4 to go forward (coarse) in the preview (Index)
SPACE for add to preparation (Thumb)
And offcause up and down for browsing. (Right hand).

Then I click ALT+CTRL+P and I'm back to normal performance mode.

PS: I use internal mixer mode and assign the monitor to my internal laptop soundcard.

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