04 February 2010

Native Instruments launches the X1

The X1 controller has hit the stores in Norway and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one of them.
The controller is in my perspective the PERFECT controller for DJ's using timecode for controling Traktor. It looks great and uses a new protocoll that is faster and more reliable then general MIDI.
I'm looking forward to getting the feel of the unit as I think it will be a great experience. This is offcause based on using Native Instruments equipment for a long time, and they never disapoint.
However I'm not sure that I would ever use it as a stand-alone controller which they used as a secondary function for the controller. That is not the basic idea of the controller and so it's not really good for that purpose.
Christian has ordered one allready. I'm going to Oslo this weekend to have a look at it.

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