22 July 2010

New Traktor and new controller

Native Instruments announced yesterday that they where going to show us something new and exciting on their facebook page. Later that day they blew all my expectations away and showed us a video of Dubfire toying around with what is probably the coolest controller I've ever seen and also with what seems to be Traktor Pro 2.0 or 1.3.

The video:

I've run through the video a couple of times and and there are some AWSOME stuff going on here.

The Controller:
The new controller looks to be a MASSIVE four deck controller tailor made for the new Traktor version. The image speaks for it self, but the soundcard on the top tells me this is a fully integrated controller like the X1 with it's own protocoll. There is probably standard midi functions also and it looks to be without a build in soundcard (since the Audio 8 soundcard is spotted at the top of the frame.

The new Traktor:

THE SAMPLER IS HERE! Finally! The first thing that struck me was the new sampler. It has loop functions, a dedicated volum knob for each deck and you can route it to any effect bank. The Sampler deck seems to be an option to the C & D Deck. Both decks are marked as C & D... Hopefully it is in addition to the C&D Decks, but probably just a replacement.
I think this is the 2.0 version because there are some changes to the design aswell. It looks a bit simpler and a bit more contrasted.

I can't wait!!

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