03 September 2010

4 deck controllers

I've noticed lately that the hardware developers are releasing more and more controllers with full 4 deck solution. It looks like the standard now is 4 faders and 2 jogs... Hopefully they will come with 4 jogs soon.
So what four deck controllers are currently on the market? Give me feedback if there are some controllers I've left out! Cheers!

Native Instruments Traktor S4
Native Instruments S4

Since it's engineered by Native Instruments and has a tailor made software this controller is naturaly in a different league then the other controllers.

Denon DN-MC6000
Denon DN-MC6000
This controller is geared toward Traktor Pro and has great big colourfull buttons and light feedback functions for when buttons are in different modes.
Read more on: denondj.com

Allen & Heath Xone:DX
This bad boy from Allen & Heath  is made for Serato Itch and has an awefull Itch sticker on it. On the bright side the button setup can also support a Traktor Pro Workflow and even the effects will be handled.
Read more on: allen-heath.com

American DJ VSM-4

American Audio VSM-4
A very good controller from American Audio, but has also everything that you need for a good Traktor Pro workflow.
Read more on: adjaudio.com
Review done by djtechtools.com

M-Audio X-session Pro

M-Audio X-session Pro
Just wanted to add this to this post since it is just so darn cute. :) It's got some buttons, but to be called a full blooded 4 deck controller would be taking it a bit to far. It's got four faders and if you got a controller on the side this would do for the mixing part. :) Love it!
Read more on: m-audio.com

ControllerMade for…Price My rating
Native Instruments S4Traktor S4$999 (with Traktor 9.9
Denon DN-MC6000Traktor Pro$7998
Allen & Heath Xone:DXSerato Itch$1299 (with Itch)6
American Audio VSM4Virtual DJ LE$4997
M-audio X-session Pro?$902

Rating done out of criteria on how they would work as a four deck controller system for Traktor. :)

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