09 April 2011

Stanton SCS.4DJ

Very nice layout of the controller surface.
The newly released controller from Stanton is a step closer to what I would believe to be a natural step in the DJ controller revolution. As of this moment digital DJing is pretty relient on a controller, a computer and some kind of software. The SCS.4DJ is a controller in it's true form, but it also has built-in software that makes it able to simply stand alone without any computer. You just need a source with music.

The Stanton SCS.4DJ is a bit heavy on price if you're only looking for a controlle, but you do get alot value for the money if you're not looking for the complete Digital DJ experience. This is a very good buy if you're simply looking to get a stand alone DJ unit for playing digital media.
More info on the product here

The future?
I believe that we'll se more units like this with complete units that houses total soltuion with both software and a controller surface. No more computer issues. Just plug and play with a nice software. Hopefully we'll also see units with Traktor aswell. :)
Only thing I see is that you would need a larger display to get the full experience. It might be a simple connector of some sort to connect to a monitor setup in the future digital DJ booths or maybe the screen is mounted like on a laptop computer.
For the turntablists this would be integrated in a mixer and one could use it with full timecode support...

I would LOVE to see a product like this with the Traktor system built in to it, though it would need to have some more buttons.

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness somebody has stepped in to do what numark has consistently tried and failed at!

IDJ1= idea/junk

IDJ2= idea/junk + wonderful screen

IDJ3= scam/junk + hole in the middle

I was almost sold on the Mixdeck express, thank god I've seen this first!

10% of numark's catalogue is worth buying.
Including poor unfortunate Akai.

This looks like the perfect machine that the Cortex almost was!

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