27 May 2011

Torq® 2.0 Tutorials - Traq Morph

Torq 2.0 is released and frankly I'm not impressed by the new features.
Can anybody tell me why some companies are using amateurs to showcase their software?

The video down below is a preview of the new (PATENT PENDING) Traq Morph mix effect from Torq. It simply sounds awefull. The only thing that actually might be cool to have is the filter option. A tip to all Traktor users: You can do this by some midi remapping allready, so don't go getting Torq quite yet. :)

One final comment about the video:
If your showing of a DJ software you might want to ATLEAST keep the tracks matched rhytmically. Listen to the final example. Awesome beatmixing skills! Three thumbs up.

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