23 October 2011

Revisit: Shortcuts for the prep!

One of the very important things to do before any gig is to do run through of your music collection and do the picks for the night. You sit down with Traktor, Go to the Track Collection and start running through the list. This might take alot of time as you probably got alot of tracks in there and during this routine it is REALY imporant to be efficient! I've created an efficient shortcut setup that will enable you to do this very quickly.

Before you start:
Set the internal soundcard as you Monitor soundcard. This is done under Setup > Audio Setup. Select the internal soundcard of your computer. Go to Setup > Output routing and select the soundcard channels to be rounted to the internal monitor.
Create a new playlist and mark it as your preparation playlist by right clicking and selecting the option in the dropdown menu.
You can create your own setup or download my shortcuts from here.

Set it up like this:
  Preview player: Load
  Preview player: Back (Increment: Normal)
  Preview Player: Forward (Increment: Small)
  Preview Player: Forward (Increment: Big)
  Add to Playlist
  Browse: Up
  Browse: Down

Now you can easily rest your left pinky on the | (Pipe) key for loading tracks into the preview player, left ring finger on 1 will skip back in the track and your midle finger and index finger will be on 2 key and 3 key for jumping forward.
Your thumb is resting on the space button and if you come across a track you like you simply add it to your preparation playlist.
Your right hand will controll the up and down buttons for the list and the thumb will also rest on the space button.
You'll save HOURS on doing it this way.

Alternativly clicking the S4 browse button down you will load the track into the preview player. Once playing you can rotate the knob for scanning through the track. Click the browse button again to stop the preview player playback.



Zen said...

Really nice, man! I wonder if you have the traktor mapping file for this shortcuts available for download...

Guzzi sager said...

Nice and quite informative post. I really look forward to your other posts.

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