23 November 2011

Loop recorder in Traktor Pro 2

Personally I don't use the loop recorder very much, but I guess that if one is to create some Live remixing or beeing a background DJ for a rap artist or even a band, the looprecorder could be pretty usefull. I know my buddy Jaycobson uses the looprecorder for recording small loops which he bashes out on his Roland HandSonic drumpads.

This is a pretty neat walkthrough of how to use the loop recorder in Traktor Pro 2.
Created by Dubspot Instructor and Traktor DJ Extrordinaire; The infamous DJ Shiftee.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

1. By clicking the Deck letters you can switch modes for the decks between (Track, Sample, External). This saves you the trouble of going into the setup. :)
2. After creating a loop in the loop recorder, you can drag the loop in to a sample deck.

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