19 January 2012

New Traktor controller and upgraded sampler

After looking through this new video I'm pretty excited to see what upgrades will be done to the sampler in the upcoming release.
The new controller looks to be purposely built for a reworked sampler unit in Traktor.

The new sampler in Traktor:
The new sampler in Traktor will have be as it is today with four banks per deck, but you will be able to have four samples within each bank. These can be color coded and mapped to the controller for launching.

The new Controller:
The new controller will have the following layout (from the top to bottom):
  • Four rotary knobs (Filter for each bank)
  • Four faders (Volume for each bank)
  • 3 buttons, LED display and encoder | Buttons: Sync? (?), ?(Edit), Capture (Delete)
  • 5 button row: Shift, Reverse (Color), Type (Pitch), Size (Speed) and Browse (Midi)
  • 4 x 4 RGB back-lit button grid (for sample launching)
  • 4 back-lit rubber buttons (for stopping an entire bank)
Pressing shift, you can do the following setup for each bank: Key, FX, Cue and Punch. (1:14 in the video)

Speculating on a name: Traktor Kontrol X2
Speculating on release date: April.
Speculating on price: about 250,00 € or $300

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