05 January 2009

Serato or Traktor and Acer One or Asus EEE

I wrote in my previous blog that we tried Acer One and Traktor Scratch, and that it didn't work. However that was with controll vinyl and I figure that demands quite alot more processing power then by just playing dirrectly in the program. So... If anybody out there can tell me if Traktor Pro works with Acer One or Asus EEE, but not using controll media (CD or Vinyl) and report back to me. :)

On the other hand I've heard that Asus EEE worked fine with Serato, but I have not had this confirmed. Serato is a much lighter suite and I don't think it requires that much process power (If not counting playing video-files). Can anybody give me a holla if they've read about this somewhere or tried it out them selves? Thanks...

I won't change to Serato (never ever), but I'm curious to know if it works.

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