05 January 2009

Setting up Midicontrollers for Traktor

I've recieved quite alot of mail asking for the default MIDI template for the controllers and there are alot of templates stored. I had some trouble finding it my self, and I got so desperate that I actually called the support and they showed me. Hehe... =S And for your convenience I'll show you where to find it.

In Traktor Pro you need to open the settings window and click import (It's in the bottom left corner of the window along with export).

The folder it default opens directly should be the Traktor settings folder:
C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\Native Instruments\Traktor\Settings

Click on the folder "MIDI Mappings" and then select your gear.

The list I have is:
Allen & Heath 1D/2D/3D/4D ( I WANT IT!)
Behringer BCD3000/DDM4000
Denon DN-HC4500/DN-S1200
DJTech iMix/iMix Reload
Ecler NUO 4
EKS XP series
Hercules DJConsole MK2
Numark OmniControl/TotalControl
Pioneer CDJ-400/MEP7000
Reloop Digital Jockey (Interface)
Vestax VCI-100/VCM-100

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