14 June 2010

Routing audio sources through the Traktor software

It is posible to run an audio signal from the inputs on a soundcard through Traktor. And no... Not through the multicore cables.This is running an external audio source through the software and back out on the soundcard output. It's a great feature because pulling the audio through the system one can use the internal EQ, filters, effects and more Traktor features on the standard Vinyl or CD source.

The way to do this is to change the deck parameters to Audio Through. It is located underneeth the BIG letter for each deck.

One of the other options is Internal Playback. This is meant for DJs using MIDI-controllers. You can see that the deck is sat in this mode by looking at the transport buttons. They will show CUE and CUP.

The final option is the Scratch Control. This will enable the Relative Mode and Absolute Mode buttons to apear. This is used by DJs using timecode for deck transport controls.

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