07 March 2011

The dancing DJ??

A couple of articles about DJ behavior and more specific about dancing have been written lately. While 100% agree with the fact that being an entertainer first and foremost is important. Sometimes dancing might make you look like a douche or clown! If you don’t want to look like a clown (I do that sometimes on purpose to amp the crowd). The most important thing is to show that you love the music and that you’re having fun.

Here’s a quick guide of some things not to do:

If you're a girl... This might be a way to do it. :)
You should never do this:

In one of the latest article from Digital DJ Tips they also recommend that you might even go do some dancing on the dance floor. I don’t agree at all… In my eyes that’s just a bit embarrassing unless you’re a super star and can interact with your fans, this should not be an alternative. The only time you should join the dance floor is if you’re walking across it to go to the bar or something else.

The articles:
DigitalDJTips: 6 Reasons To Leave The DJ Box While Playing (And How To Do It)
DJ Techtools: Dancing – A DJ’s Secret Skill

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