07 March 2011


What a nightmare!
 Though this doesn't apear to be a Traktor related post. One should be aware about the fact that Serato ITCH will upgrade to 2.0 at the beginning of April. A feeble atempt to snatch some focus from the upcoming Traktor Pro 2 release. Some key features in Serato has been ported to Traktor and visa versa, so there might be some fancy features that has been thought up (I'm ever so doubtfull). I just think this is to take some of the sting away from the new Traktor Pro 2.

This is what Serato says on facebook:

Serato are known for their stability... Let's hope this isn't a premature release.
I believe that ITCH 2.0 will just be an even closer faximily to Traktor Pro 2 with samplers, more effects and better hardware support. Looking forward to having a look at the new design and features through.

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