03 March 2012

External screens and projection overlay

Touch interfaces lack the tacktile feedback of an actual knob, turntable or jogwheel.
Even though this video is of a Serato setup I still believe that this might enspire someone to move ahead with implementing more visual feedback into controllers.
It looked like the video had alot of lag though and this offcause has to be fixed...

I perticular like the audio overlay of the turntables that they did and the audio strips along the mixer.
Visualy this does appeal more to me then the deck by deck layout that Traktor has. Maybe we'll see this on a mixer in the nead future.

It would be awesome if I could have a couple of small screens (connected via USB maybe) that we could place around the setup and then be able to pick elements (most likely the audiostips) of the software to be shown on these screens.

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