26 July 2012

Update: Traktor Pro 2.5.1

A new update is available and it fixes a whole lot of stuff that was wrong in the 2.5 release. Some of them I haven't even noticed or wasn't that much of a fuzz, but some are pretty important. There's a lot done with the integration to Pioneer CDJ's utalizing the HID integration to a MUCH larger extent.

All of the updates are listed below, but I took the time to highlight the important ones and the cool ones. :)

  • Pioneer CDJ Advanced HID display integration
  • Browser (CDJ 900 / 2000)
  • Cover Art (CDJ 2000)
  • Stripe (CDJ 2000)
  • Cue Points (CDJ 900 / 2000)
  • Improved General CDJ Integration (CDJ400 / 900 / 2000 / MEP7000) in order to match original CDJ behavior
  • Play / Cue Button behavior
  • Loop In / Out Button behavior
  • Track Search Button behavior
  • Implemented CDJ Mode

  • Changing BPM Range in Preferences does no longer affect ongoing Analysis job

  • FLAC year tag is now preserved when importing files to collection
  • "Select All" entry now available in Context Menu of Playlists and Folders
  • Browser view switches back to source list after drag & drop
  • Tracks can again be moved to Playlists via drag & drop from deck into browser window
  • M3U export now again exporting file names and paths
  • "Load Previous" now again working in conjunction with Preferences option "Only load into stopped Deck"
  • Remix Set now displayed on top of contents list for faster loading via drag & drop
  • Fixed saving of Remix Sets containing identically named samples

  • Modifier condition "Hotcue Type" fixed

  • FX snapshot no longer ignores first FX knob

  • Keylock Eco mode fixed
  • Fixed crackling audio and syncing issues in conjunction with Keylock

  • New preference option for Remix Decks "One-Shot Samples Ignore Quantize Mode"
  • Drag & drop of Remix Sets now possible on entire area of Remix Decks, including Micro Deck View
  • Dragging a sample on waveform of sample deck now replaces the sample
  • Fixed prelistening of Remix Decks

  • Software Hotcues and CDJ Cue button can be seamlessly used side by side
  • Dropping needle into lead-in now again jumps to start of track
  • Improved drift prevention for Relative Vinyl Timecode
  • Random switching from Absolute to Relative Timecode does not occur anymore
  • Fixed cue point drifting for Relative CD Timecode

  • Tempo Tapping precision and robustness (TAP) improved
  • Synchronization no longer ignores second and following grid markers
  • Fixed Cue Point inaccuracy visible in zoomed in Waveform

  • New preference option to swap F1 Mute and Stop behavior

  • Channel Clip LED on S2/S4 now again working


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