30 July 2012

Track Prep Tools for S2 and S4

Setting beatgrids, cuepoints and making them ready for playing in Traktor is important to always know that your track is ready to go when you're gonna use them. In know that I'm not good enough to do this my self and mainly that is because it's a hassle and there is a lot of things to take in to account and the parameters isn't easily available.

DJ Techtools made this cool mapping for Traktor that will put all the controlls that you need on the deck controls of Traktor Kontrol S2 and the Traktor Kontrol S4.

Take a look at this video to learn how to use it:

Read more here
Get the mappings

Further prepping

After that is done you might want to go ahead and prep your sets. I might make this available as a macro set for the S4 and S2 my self (don't get your hopes up), but in the meantime you can visit my post on how to make preparation of sets quickly in Traktor.

Read it here

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