09 August 2012

Pioneer New Wireless DJ System XDJ-AERO

So Pioneer launched this video yesterday showing of their new product: The XDJ-AERO! I just took a VERY quick look at it and jumped to conclusions as usual.
It looks like Pioneer is vamping up their Record box software to include a wireless deck control for smart phone via WLAN which is controlling the new XDJ-AERO.

It's kind of like the SmartGlass feature from Microsoft, but then again no...

Unless I want to jump rope, skate or hang out at the store while I'm doing my DJ set, which almost never happens, I think I might want to be by my controller when I DJ.

Confused, buy YEAY for new technology. Maybe something useful comes out of this.


MyDJBlog said...

I agree... I totally don't get that video. What the target audience for a $1000 Dj controller is skateboarders? hahahaha

Aside from that, fed up with burning CDs, the Pioneer XDJ-AERO is just what I've been waiting for.

Fredrik Sætre said...

How about just getting Traktor?? :)