02 August 2012

Twitter.dj in use

A couple of weeks ago I posted about twitter.dj which is a new way of totaly embrasing the social media experience while DJing. Posting all your played tracks continuesly and effortlessly to Twitter. Super easy to set up and super easy to use! I've been playing around with it for a couple of weeks now and it is a pretty cool tool.

Setting it up (On PC):

1. Install the software from www.twitter.dj
2. Set up Traktor Broadcast with following settings:

Click to make it full size
3. Authorize Twitter.dj with your Twitter account by writing the authentication code provided by Twitter.
PS: You can access the preferences by right clicking the Twitter.dj icon in your icon section on the task bar.


  1. Put ID tag information on all your tracks! Most tracks bought online come with ID tags, but ripped tracks or tracks that are downloaded illegaly will need to be properly named.
  2. If you don't want to share a track name. Just write the title in another field like "comment 2" and write something else in the title and artist tags.
  3. Remember that you can incorporate hash tags and user tags in your title/artist tags.
  4. Use a display to show what you're playing when your performing! I use www.Twitterfall.com which is a OK way to show what's been posted to twitter. (Inputs are welcome!) Use advanced filter in Twitter to limit your output. (e.g. "from:username")
How I show my Twitter feed...

Happy tweeting!


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