12 September 2012

Traktor Kontrol Z2?

The guys at Native Instruments given us the last couple of years fantastic hardware for the Traktor series. They've mainly focused on controller surfaces for either parameter (X1), sample trigger (Machine/F1) or the all-in-one approch(S2/S4). Now their about to go for the hard core and most central piece of a DJs Tools: The Mixer. (Which I'm pretty sure is named Native Instruments Kontrol Z2)

I went through the video and sliced and diced a bit... This is what I think you might have missed. ;)

I believe this mixer is gonna be shipped with it's very custom Kontrol Z2 tailored Traktor Scratch with two standard and two sample decks (not remix decks).

The new mixer looks to be a two channel mixer, but the video shows us that the mapping they use also have assigned rotary faders to controll the level of C and probably D aswell. It is the same knob that controls the filter parameter... Which seems to be limited to only two parameters...

The four button sampler seems to be able to switch between A/C and B/D. It is layed out like one of the rows on the F1 Remix deck controller and I'm pretty sure it would work perfectly with the standard sampler decks.

Looking at the video the it seems like the text "Flux Mode" appears with green background over the track title when he trigger the loop button. Maybe it's a new stutter effect that they have now incorporated?

There is a cue and headphone section in the middle of the mixer which also doubles with shift as a BPM tap function.

 It looks like the effect parameters is limited to two parameters...

Two new effects are shown, but with this "M"-icon in front of the name. It looks like the one has NO parameters active when seelcted, so it might be a built in effect in the mixer??? The two new effects shown in the demo are Laser Slicer and Bass-o-matic.

There are more questions then answers, so I'm looking forward to more details from Native!

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