05 October 2012

Exclusive Walkthrough of the Traktor Z2 by Ean Golden

As I posted  last month, the Native Instruments Z2 is beeing released.
I think I got most of the points across in my blogpost, but I missed out on a couple of things.

I've come to love how Traktor focuses the new releases and features in to a hardware controller release and this is another great example!

What did I miss(understand)?
1. The new mixer will NOT have it's own version of Traktor, but all the new features are a part of the standard relase of Traktor Pro 2.6.
2. The Flux mode is not just a loop feature, but a feature to jump to cuepoints and do roll loops at the same time as the relative position of the song keeps playing. So once you let go of a loop or cue point the track will jump back to the same place in the track as it would if it was just playing. I think that is a genious solution to the implement the roll concept, but taking it thuss much further. Go Traktor!
3. There will be ALOT of new effects in this release as a part of the "macro-effects" addition.


Anonymous said...

i want to know when im using traktor and i scratch on the faders is it actually cutting the sound or is it controlling the software and is it a big deal either way.

Fredrik Sætre said...

Hi there secret person!
Well... The new HID protocols are 200 times faster then MIDI, so if it is controlling the software I think you won't notice that very much.
However since this is a full blooded mixer I believe that the x-fader can be used for both purposes.