27 October 2012

Traktor 2.6 is released

The Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2.6 is now available!!

To update: Go to the Service Center on your computer or go to www.native-instruments.com/updates to get your software download.

Lately Traktor has been releasing new features along with new gear. Traktor 2.4 was released along with Kontrol S4, Traktor 2.5 was released along with Kontrol F1 and Traktor 2.6 is released along with Kontrol Z2.
I like this new way of introducing features, but it also makes me want to buy new gear all the time.

I haven't tried it due to lack of time, but I will probably give some comments on that when I finally do. :)

So what is new in the 2.6 release?

  • TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 integration
    HID protocol and mapping options are now available for the new Kontrol Z2
  • 11 new "MacroFX" single-knob combination effects. Click to go to the full list.
  • "Flux Mode" retains song position during HotCues, Beatjumps, Loops etc.
    Brand new feature that keeps the relative point of time in the track going. Genious!
  • Post-Fader mode for FX Units
    Now you effects like echo and delay won't
  • Factory Map Override option for individual Controllers in Controller Manager
    YES! Finally! This makes you able to alter the controller factory presets mappings for X1, S4, S2 and F1 controllers!
  • New gain system with independent Channel Gain knobs and Auto-Gain knobsVery neet. In earlier versions the Gain would be set to what ever the gain that Traktor auto gained to, but that isn't always what you'd like. So you would need to gain it yourself up or down depending on the track (mostly up.. hehe..). It was hard to know how much you went over what Traktor had set and then gained it up and up and up untill you peeked. Now you will have a relative knob to how much you have offset the actual channel. :)
  • New "Z ISO" EQ and "Z" filter models as featured on Z2 mixer
    You earlier had two EQ types: Standard and the Allen & Heath type. Now it looks like we have yet another EQ. Love it!
  • Z ISO EQ is now full kill at the left end of knobs path
    You don't have to push the kill button. It will automatically kill all the signal within the relevant range.
  • New "QuickSnap" behavior for the EQ and Filter controls
    I guess this will help you when you need to set your your knobs to 0... It will have some room within the center of the range which will in fact snap you to the desired value.
  • New Transport Preference prevents Remix Decks from becoming Tempo MastersThis is perfect for those of us who use Remix Decks for suplament loops. Now you're mixing decks will always be the masters.
  • New Transport Preference limits Tempo Master to On-Air Decks to become Tempo Masters
    I though that was how it worked now...
  • HID support for Pioneer CDJ 2000nexus (SLIP button is mapped to FLUX mode)Plug and play people!
  • Minor gain-staging adjustments for Live Input Deck
  • Various other fixes and improvements
    Thank you...
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