20 August 2010

Pioneer is PRICED OUT!

Watch in HD for WAY better quality... ;)

I was browsing around and came over this video of Pioneers DJM 2000 cut to gether by 123DJ.com
The system from Pioneer is getting MASSIVE and is simply mindblowing.
Would I like one? HELL YES!
Would I buy one? HELL NO!

I recon a Pioneer setup with two CDJ-2000 and one DJM-2000 will set you back ATLEAST $8.000! And that's just for a very cool CD/MP3 player and a super awsome mixer. You would probably want a computer aswell and that is not included in this estimate.

So if I've got $8.000 cash?
Here's what I would use it on:
What did I get?
Two new powerfull high-end computers (One for Abelton and one for Traktor)
Two complete Traktor setups (One new S4 and one Traktor Pro with the high-end Denon)
A complete Abelton setup

Why would a venue invest in a system where the DJ would just put the system away and replace it with their own setup anyway? Because a DJ would probably want to play on something they feel comfortable playing on.
I would like to see Pioneer produce a pure blooded MIDI controller with no other functions because they do produce great equipment. Otherwise I would probably invest a Pioneer system if it was priced about at half the price it sels for today.

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