17 August 2010

The Native Instruments Traktor S4 unvailed

Image from DJ Techtools

There are alot of buzz around the new S4 controller for Traktor and aswell there should be.
Based on what DJ Techtools wrote on this I'm realy excited, but also a bit dissapointed on some parts.
Read their article here...

There will be an EAN GOLDEN version for this controller aswell where the jogwheels will also have an effects functionality! Congratz Ean!

More information on Native Instruments webpage.

1. HID CONTROLLER FOR TRAKTOR! Finally we can get a super tight controller! 30 times the accurassy of MIDI.
2. The controller looks awsome and the layout realy support a well organized DJ workflow.
3. The new loop section looks really powerfull. Like the recording features.
4. 24 bit/96 kHz soundcard included!
4. Pricepoint is excellent! A 4 channel controller of this magnetude with build in soundcard for $999? Yes!
5. Mixer section look beyond awsome!
6. The software layout and new colors look fantastic.
7. Flight case gives it mobility and the laptop stand feature was pretty cool.

1. The software will be exclusive to the controller. =( So I just HAVE to buy the whole deal. (SO WHAT?!)
2. There are no inputs for controll vinyl/CD... Yet...
3. After watching the DJ Shifty video I thought the buttons looked a bit small. (around 3:00)
4. Looks like they removed effects bank 3 and 4.

  • Super tight
  • Awsome
  • Powefull
  • Excellent
  • Awsome
  • Fantastic

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