19 August 2010

Single deck controller from Denon

Denon DN-SC2000
This new one deck controller from Denon looks to be one of the best suited for Traktor. The DN-SC2000 looks to be one of my next purchases... After the S4 offcauce... ;)

Why is this controller so great?

This controller contains all essential deck controls: Transport controls (duh), hot cues, loop, beatjump, effects, key, sync, browse and filter.

The buttons are mostly big and back lit with large clear fonts at high contrast. The rotary buttons have a indicator and looks very steady.

Effects, Hotcues and deck indicator has a great light feedback system where they switch colors to indicate what function or state they've got.

Big nice Denon Cue and Play buttons! It's missing Cue Play (CUP) but I seldom use it and one could probably just remap some shift function to make it work. The platter is touch sensitive, high resolution and it's got a looooooong (10 cm) pitch fader and nice pitch bend keys.

Hot Cues
I often use cuepoints 5-8 for quick cue point acces and 1-4 for solid markes like beatmarkers, in/out mixpoints and so in. So having the ability to switch from 1-4 and 5-8 available and the color indicates what range is available. Great! Just what I need.
Clicking Shift and a Cue button will delete it. :)

Loop / Beatjump
Alot of loop buttons which also by pressing shift work as Beatjump.
I always wonder why one would want to have in and out button when there is an autoloop feature. However... Quick remap and it's fixed. I prefer Set cue (Loop in) and Activate loop. The Auto loop should set a 4 bar loop. ;)

You can allocate the deck to effect bank 1 or 2. There are four rotary push knobs for effect controll. There is also a posibility to switch between controlling either effect bank 1 or 2 with a light feedback (green or orange). Super!

Key / Sync
Nice indicators and Sync + shift = Master. Great!

Big nice rotary knob for searching with puch to load function. Button for browser only mode, switching favorites (crates) and deck duplication.

Showing off it's colors. (RED vs. BLUE / GREEN vs. ORANGE)

Release: Fall 2010
Price: Around $300 USD

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