10 November 2010

New 4 MIDI LOOP Controller

Here's an Idea:
Why not make a controller where EVERY button is available for all decks at all time?

Here's an actual product: 4MidiLoop

I wrote about the earlier model of the 4MidiLoop controller a couple of weeks ago and it's a controller designed for using timecode media and then support you with every other function in Traktor available.
It's back in a new version which is even more awsome then the earlier version. Smart layout and button configuration that is very in tune with the Traktor idea.

Buttons buttons buttons!!!

It uses the internal mixer in Traktor, so it's a midi controlled mixer section. This also means that there will probably be a bit of lag when trying different sharp cutting techniques on the crossfader, but it gives you sooooooo much more controll on Traktor and new options.
This is most lightly the best timecode supplement on the market just above the Traktor Kontrol X1.

It's a bit expencive (1300 EURO + shipping), but it's alot of controller... :)

Get an overview of the controller here...
Read the Scratchworx review here...

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