16 November 2010

TuneUp for Itunes

I saw this software a while back and thought: YES! Finaly! Then I forgot the product name and never got around to to find it again, but now that DigitalDJTips.com did a review of it I downloaded the software and I'm happy to say that I will from now on use Itunes to organize my tunes, but still use Traktor to organize my playlists.

It's a pretty easy and cheap software when you take into concideration the time one would use to do this manualy. I've been using Tag & Rename for this purpose, but I believe a combination of the two will be a very powerfull tool for fixing your music library.

The best thing is when your whole library is grouped by artist and album. There is nothing more gratifying then viewing your collection in Cover Flow with ALL your tracks when you have cover art for every single track. Your iPod will get a super make over and best of all: CRATE FLICK in Traktor will look AWSOME!
Also making it easier to search your track collection!

You can try it for free and for only $29.99 you can get the unlimited version!

Check out the product
Check out the review

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