12 November 2010

The Mouth

Tim Exile who made also gave us The Finger (haha) has together with Native Instruments made a new gadget to add to NIs massive Effects/Synth/Plugin arsenal. The newest gadget in their arsenal is The Mouth.

Both The Finger and The Mouth could be nice tools to have if you are a DJ. Either for making live effects or your very own Voice promo samples. This could be usefull if you do radio shows and recorded stuff, but in my opinion pretty tacky if you're doing a live performance... Except maybe in the begining of a show.

Notice the S4 controller in the midle of the video. :)

You could use it as a live filter and can create some really nice and very cool effects. :)
If you check out fourth loop of the audio samples on track number 6 on the official page you can hear an AWSOME vocoder effect. :)

Be creative!!!!

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