02 September 2011

Scratch Live VS Traktor Scratch

I might be bias in this debate, but I have to comment on what DJ Techtools wrote on the topic. The latest article is very politically correct, in the fact that it’s not appointing any winner, but it’s clear that in total it all seems to leans towards Native Instruments. When it comes to Audio Interface, MIDI and Effects Traktor clearly takes the win.
Even through, as the article says in the summary, it all comes down to what you prefer and DJs that has taken a liking to either Traktor or Serato seldom switch sides. It’s important to take in to account the newbies that want to start digital DJing and that’s when it’s really important to point out the best choice and take in to account what sets the two worlds apart.
Serato Scratch Live takes some points home when it comes to the customization of the interface with several different views of transport controls, some cool media library options, the fact that one can mix video and the interface option with two interchangeable USB connections.
If you wanna mix videos you also might want to take a look at Virtual DJ. Just remember that VJs are restricted to only play music videos.
I would like to boil it down to this:
In case you want a DJ setup that is as similar to a standard CD or Vinyl setup without any bells and whistles (Read BORING), then either way is a good way to go.
If you want to expand your performance (maybe in the future?) and want the system that gives you both a full DVS and an option to go fully digital with a dedicated controller; Traktor is the way to go.
Traktor has it all in one package and Serato has split the two platforms into two softwares; Scratch and Itch.

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