23 September 2011

Traktor Pro 2 update 2.1.1

  • Support for TRAKTOR KONTROL S2
  • Support for Multi-Core processors
  • Keylock, FX Enable and Headphone Cueing per Sample Slot
  • Automatic Jogwheel Calibration for S4 and S2 Jogwheels
  • ID3 v2.3 compatibility
  • Improved display of Waveform
  • Improved cueing accuracy of CD timecode
  • Improved Phase Meter readability
  • Added optional Mixer Headroom
  • Improved Main Level Meter
  • Improved Setup Wizard
  • Added option for disabling Sample Auto-Save
  • Showing jump size when hovering over stripe
  • Fixed Pitch Bend behavior on stopped deck
  • Decoupled Tempo Fader on GUI from Scratch or Tempo Bend on hardware controllers
  • Added new control "Jog Turn" which replaces "Jog Scratch + Tempo Bend"
  • Fixed TRAKTOR sample rate matching Core Audio sample rate on Mac
  • Added S2 hardware controls for Filter, FX Assign for Sample Decks, Snap, Quant
  • Added S2 User Mapping

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