02 September 2011

New Pioneer controller for Traktor

Pioneer Pro delivers has for a long time been the standard for CD-DJing for about 15 years after taking the lead on Denon in the late 90s. I believe they are one of the best hardware produces on the market and their latest teaser video of a new product shows a whole new approach to their designs. The minimalistic design with smooth lines is looking pretty great and I like the angled stand that makes the buttons more accessible.

It’s most definitely a two channel controller made for Traktor Pro 2 with possible option for C & D deck control. This places it in the same class as the Native Instruments Kontrol S2, but has a couple more bells and whistles.

A small variation on the layout is done where they’ve created a uniform layout of the player section. Meaning that all the controls are similar on both sides, like if they were separate units. This makes the pitch fader on the left deck dangerously close to the volume fader on the mixer section. I don’t know if I like it, but it might give some of the hard core Pioneer junkies a familiar starting point.

It’s got a 4 button sample section, a 4 button hot cue setup, full effect unit and loop functions for each deck.
New function:
I noticed a button called Pulse Mode, which is a Shift function on the Vinyl/CDJ toggle for the jog wheel. Is that a new function for the jog wheel? We can only speculate.
The Decks:
I drew this in Paint!
  1. Jog Wheel
  2. Play/Pause
  3. Cue
  4. (Ooops) 
  5. Shift button
  6. Tempo controll
  7. Hotcues
  8. Sampler
  9. Effects
  10. Loop controll
  11. Vinyl/CDJ
  12. Sync/Master
  13. Effect unit select
  14. ???
  15. Deck A/C B/D toggle????

Read some more about it at Digital DJ Tips

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