06 June 2011

External effects in Traktor

I just noticed an article at Digital DJ Tips about external effects for Traktor. DDT always gives great answers as they did in this post aswell, but I would like to elaborate though.

Question: Can I use other effects then the ones installed in Traktor when DJ with Traktor?
Answer: It's a bit more complicated then it should be and you're not able to add any effects to the default effects list, but you can route your sound so that you will be able to use external effects pr. channel.

Why haven't NI made VST support for Traktor yet?
What we really want is an option to add VST plugins into the effects library.
They had VST support earlier on, but I guess they removed it. :(
 I recon this has something to do with performance and alot of external factors running into the Traktor environment making it unstable. Nobody want that right?
I've used Virtual DJ with VST plugins (on earlier versions) and there was alot of issues surrounding this, so I don't blame Native Instruments for simply sticking to the best ever standard effects pack for a DJ software ever produced. Love that they are making new additions to it and further expanding it.

How can I use external effects with Traktor? :)
By using the SEND option on the effects parameter instead of INSERT you can route any signal through an effects send option making it possible to add external effect units or route it through an internal VST effect chain. Watch out for latency issues through. :)

Hopefully this video from the DJ Podcast will elaborate and get your ideas flowing. Recommend going to their site to watch a WAY better version of this video:  Visit the video website here

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