09 June 2011

One Idea: Music Video 1,2,3

First off:
I know that this is a Traktor Blog, so music video mixing isn't very relevant, but I guess this is a nudge in the direction that DJing with music videos is getting closer and maybe Traktor will be able to do so in the future. If you want to mix videos today, the way to go is probably with Serato or Virtual DJ.

I did a post about video mixing and Traktor earlier which you can read here...

The guys that gave us Mixed in Key and Platinum Notes has created a tool for creating music videos in a flash. It's still in BETA, but it allready works perfectly! I've tried it and it was REALLY simple and the results where very nice.
This will, from my perspective, be the way to go if I some time in the future Traktor will support video.

More info here...

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