28 June 2011

Create your very own wireless MIDI controller for Traktor

This awesome video gave me a great idea! It simply shows how you can easily create your very own wireless MIDI controller! Get on the dancefloor and join the crowd... still connected to you trusted Traktor. :) Don't need it to spin, but that is a pretty cool visual effect.

First off the sending of Midi is done by M-audio MidAir.

Get a pad controller like this Korg Midi Pad

Now for the only DIY part:

  1. Get a 9 volt battery box (Optional)
  2. Find a connector that fits a 9 volt battery (Often found in the small roof mounted fire alarms, but don't steal one that is currently working.)
  3. Find a connector that fits the poweradaptor for the Korg padKONTROL (You could use the power adapter that came with the product)
  4. Cut cables and solder the correct poles of the battery to fit the power plug. (The marked one is often the + pole)
Now simply install the remote MIDI unit to your computer and connect the system. Do your mapping and enjoy!

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