30 June 2011

The ultimate setup

Why use turntables?
Because it's the best transport controll EVER and looks awesome!

Why use controller?
Because it enables you to think out of the box and do amazing things with your tracks and samples.

Yes! This is what I've been preaching! DJ Techtools hits the nail on the head and state the obvious.
Native Instruments Kontrol S4 is the ULTIMATE DVS mixer!

This is what I have been talking about for some time now and what I've refered to as: Best of both worlds. Combining controllerism and turntablism into a very versitile system. The problem earlier with MIDI is that it just isn't quick enough to use for instance for crossfader cutting, but the S4 is using HID which is WAAAAY faster.

In my eyes. This is the ultimate setup!

Now I would just like to get the full HID mapping available so that I can mess with it or that DJ Techtools makes their own mapping soon.
Oh... and DJ Techtools is running a special on this setup if you'd like to get started today. :)

Just remember that you can also run audio directly through Traktor when using these kinds of setups. 


DJ Papi said...

My set-up is same as yours with the Reloop DJ3 instead of the S4. I like the "control" of the DJ3 far better than the S4, plus its got "Booth Out" and can be used as a stand alone mixer. I do not really need four channels so for me, DJ3 is it!!!

DJ FDRK said...

Problem is that Reloop Jockey 3 doesn't have HID and since MIDI is so slow it's not very good for cutting while scratching.