27 July 2011

Cleaning music libraries

The topic of cleaning your music library is pretty hot at the moment. I started the work of running through my music a while back, just after I started Digital DJ Tips wrote an article on the topic and now DJ Techtools has posted an article with a couple of tips to sort your music. DJ Techtools also posted a couple of articles some time a go on this and I thought that it would be helpfull for those of you wanting to sort your music, but are not sure on how to do it.

Read the DJTT article here

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Here's what I did
  1. I pulled out my entire music library to an external harddrive.
  2. Took each and every track and evaluated if I wanted to keep it and if I actually had played this track in the last couple of months and copied them into different folders.
  3. The folder structure will be different for each and every DJ. I play a couple of tracks almost on all my gigs, so I had a mainstream folder. Some gigs require more either of R'n'B or House, so I have a HipHop folder and a House folder with several sub-genre spesific folders underneath. I also have some folders for music that doesn't fit the structure and tracks I want to exclude, but still bring along like very commercial tracks or old classics.
  4. After I moved the keepes back in to my folders, I whent through my tracks (using Tag & Rename) and renamed the files to the format of "Artist - Title (Remix)", filled out all the ID tags and added images to the tracks.
I loved the way Phil Morse put it: Your music library is like laundry.
If you don't clean it regularly it'll really pile up and be a REAL mess. It's aweful to do it all at once.

My notes on playlists
I (normally) have three types of playlists in three different folders.
  1. Profil
  2. Music
  3. Sets
Each venue has a different flair to it though often many tracks are played at all the venues. I create a profile playlist for each venue. I run through my track folders that are relative for the venue, and being VERY selective, I put tracks into the profile playlist. Bi monthly I clear my profile playlist and do this over again.

I have one for HipHop, one for chillout, a couple of house playlists and so on... You get the drift.

I create some set lists for when I'm doing performance pieces or mix tapes. These playlists are sorted after the order I play the tracks in.

I also sometimes import folders as playlists... That's the great thing of using folders to sort music.

Preparation list
While I play I sometimes stumble upon tracks that I want to play that night, but it doesn't fit at the time. I then have an empty preparation list that I add tracks into to not forget to play them.

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